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Ludopatico EUR

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Mar 22 2016 at 21:27
32 ieraksti
Hi everybody,
here a brief description of my strategy:
I don't use any Martingale or Hedge system.
I use some Expert Advisor and all of them have set AutoMM (Auto Money Management) below 2%.
I use the option 'Stealth' in my engine, the stoploss is always set but it is hidden to the broker.
5-6 trades can be open the same time, but this happens quite rarely.
There are <0.01% of probability to lose only the 10% of the account (see myfxbook statistics). The risk usage is very low.
There is not a typical duration for a trade, when the trade is in a loss the trade is close if some market condition occours, or in a stoploss.
The stoploss are set typically in about 50 pips.
In my strategy I don't use news filter, but some trades are open only during the ASIA session.
I try different strategy in the past and actually seems that I find a good strategy. I continuosly made backtest to adapt to the market conditions.
In the past I open a lot of trades in the same times, with high profit but also high drawdown.
This strategy is optimized for LOW drawdown and more high recovery factor (gain/drawdown), with less trade open at the same time and more stable.
You can also follow 'Babbo EUR', the strategy is identical to 'Ludopatico EUR', but the initial deposit is lower.

Happy trading...
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