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New Age Trading® Secure EurGbp (By New Age Trading )

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New Age Trading (NewAgeTrading)
Mar 05 2019 at 12:47
73 ieraksti
This system works on one pair Eur-Gbp.It searches for entries in the end US session. It is not a system that trade every day,it only takes good entries. It can open multiple positions,but each position it will handle separately.For his opening trade it use a trail profit to try to earn the last pip from the trade.

*expected profit monthly:20-75%
*Max drawdown:36% (in very bad times)
*Pairs: EUR-GBP
*Minimum balance:$100
*Trading Time:24 Hours a day.
*Very safe for little and big account.

This system will not trade much,only good signals will take it to make its profit. Despite the fact that it not trade much,we do have a good profit every month. This signal is especially for long-term profit.

Life is falling and rising again at the end you come out stronger.
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