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Ngth1 (By Steve Tan )

Pieaugums +70.42%
Kritums (Drawdown) 10.64%
Pipi: 5434.0
Darījumi 230
Tips Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:400
Tirdzniecība Automatizētā


Shankar Narayanan GR (musshan)
Sep 16 2009 at 10:30
10 ieraksti
Can you please educate me on how your system works? I am in search of a good system and over the past 3 month your system has been performing great.

Stephanus Rensburg (stephanusR)
Oct 08 2009 at 13:48
216 ieraksti
We don't know what broker he is using, there is no way to determine if these results are real. Only Oanda at the moment can provide you with this data. I believe that a search on Oanda option will soon be available.

Oct 08 2009 at 14:12
70 ieraksti
stephanusR, you sound like an old LP that is stuck...every post you have here, is the same....'results are fake, people are trying to sell scams and lately, accounts are not verified like makes me wonder if you work for Oanda or are you trying to sell us on using them????

Jun 13 2016 at 15:26
84 ieraksti
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