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Pipable :: Menkent (By pipable )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Matt (BluePanther)
Apr 10 2014 at 09:15
1357 ieraksti
Jarora posted:
Worse than Sphantom! This is END!

-269.7 pips LOSS!!!

WOAH! PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (your comment is too funny!)

Yeah, hmmm... bummer about the account though... 😕
Apr 10 2014 at 09:58
256 ieraksti
So also Pipable, not only S-Phantom burned the account? i was not following anymore pipable!
Running only Expert advisors with good long term backtests and nice forward tests
Apr 10 2014 at 19:01
390 ieraksti
But the vendor is not losing money, He pitched in $100.00 in his account and he sell signal for weekly. I think Still he is making money.
Usually the Vendor doesn't care the subscriber losing money or not. Just collect money from all over the world traders.

If the Vendor copied good to my friend's account, Maybe I joined in his Subscriber.

Thanks God😄
FXWorkz (Silverthorn)
Apr 11 2014 at 00:07
268 ieraksti
pipable posted:
Seems like there will be a good trading week ahead :)

You can't spend open trades.
Apr 12 2014 at 07:28
852 ieraksti
Sphantom - blown
Pipable - blown

I'll advise to open a new company sPiphantom and start fresh. There are enough retard people to think that there is no connection (to Sphantom and Pipable) and this time will be different.

sPiphantom - sounds nice 😁
FXWorkz (Silverthorn)
Apr 13 2014 at 01:56
268 ieraksti
These audacious bastards still have their website up!! Haven't re-branded it as sPiphantom yet so maybe no royalties will be coming your way @ahuruglica 😞
You can't spend open trades.
Apr 13 2014 at 19:17
852 ieraksti

I don't pay others to blow my account. I can do that myself, easily.
FXWorkz (Silverthorn)
Apr 13 2014 at 19:51
268 ieraksti
@ahuruglica ... Sorry I think you misunderstood my joke!! They should pay YOU royalties if they use the name you thought up!! :)
You can't spend open trades.
Apr 25 2014 at 10:19
16 ieraksti
The problem is the same for Pipable and sPhantom. Those 2 robots work perfectly well, the problem lies in a lack of proper money management. Trading with a robot is the same as manual trading; you need to manage the trades and use proper money management. Otherwise you are screwed no matter what.
Apr 29 2014 at 14:37
15 ieraksti
i would be curious - what is the proper management?
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