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Real Big (By Pietpatat )

Pieaugums +26.16%
Kritums (Drawdown) 12.57%
Pipi: 1176.3
Darījumi 223
Tips Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:100
Tirdzniecība Automatizētā


Jan 23 2010 at 14:00
71 ieraksti
may i know you run it on what time frame? or just Default only?
Slow and Steady Wins the Race :)
Jan 23 2010 at 16:13
29 ieraksti
Risk on 0.15, others on default.
Jun 13 2010 at 14:06
4 ieraksti
Gerald (gerald325i)
Aug 31 2010 at 12:32
159 ieraksti
If I was getting 23% after a year of using this, I would drop it like a cake...actually I keep it running but together with other EAs that are more profitable, it adds up, but by itself it's crap! MD on backtests LOOKS much much better than this :(
Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you
Dec 04 2010 at 23:48
449 ieraksti
After more than a year:
# Gain: +25.53%
# Abs. Gain: +0.21%

Very poor results, other accounts of yours look even worse 😈.
Money makes more money $ ... $$$
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