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RFL6c (By Maudur )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Another Brian (AnotherBrian)
Aug 15 2014 at 22:30
74 ieraksti
What is this EA your running?

Maudur (optimumfx)
Aug 16 2014 at 01:40
4 ieraksti
CF also. Is the same version for RFL6b but with more risk. (1% by order).

Sep 01 2014 at 00:43
62 ieraksti
Are you selling your EA or service? I am interested in buying please contact me here thanks.

Maudur (optimumfx)
Sep 01 2014 at 03:45
4 ieraksti
Hi Smahil,

Thank you by your message.

I manage account. You open your new account and give me the inversor password. I change it and put my EA. I charge 30% on the profits of the month.

I you want I can explain more.

I recommend you to see also my another versions of this EA, RFL6b and RFL6d. These are the same EA but with differents parameters ask Risk for example. RFL6b already has 5 with profit months.

I recommend open your account minimum with $3.000.

My prefered Broker is Global Prime, but you can use another one.

I dont soeak English very well. I speak Spanish. Do you understand me?

With regards,

Maudur (Optimumfx).

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