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StrategyTP15 (By loulou69 )

Lietotājs nav vēlējies publicēt savu stratēģiju.


Sep 10 2010 at 07:54
108 ieraksti
Hello, what EA and settings You are using please?

MIIGO FUND (moguli)
Oct 28 2010 at 16:02
13 ieraksti

I'm interested in your EA.
Can you sell it?
Can you introduce to it?

Best regards,

Liviu (qarliv)
Nov 02 2010 at 08:28
17 ieraksti
Can you send details on your EA?

Nov 13 2010 at 05:27
1 ieraksti
Hello LouLou,

Great system you have here, could you please let me know what system this is?

Is it grid-system or EA?

Your help and contribution is much appreciated,


PacMan (stef)
Dec 11 2010 at 08:49
47 ieraksti
yes LL69, tell us more about this winner EA.
C'est alléchant.

Moneyfarmer (MoneyfarmerEA)
Mar 12 2011 at 11:09
17 ieraksti
seems to be extremly risky if you look at the traded lotsizes....

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