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Trade Daily 2021 /SS.1 (By Godsaider )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Jan 19 2021 at 15:06
1 ieraksti
Harmonic Pattern. 7 Pattern , I have used for success in trading
Timeframe H1-D1. There is Stoploss and take profit every time.
Have an advantageous risk return, the market is 2 to 1 or more.

Feb 01 2021 at 11:10
20 ieraksti
That’s how my trading graph also looks like. I have made more losses than profits in the market and I am quite sure that other traders would have also been facing the same.

Mar 03 2021 at 04:41
12 ieraksti
Why don’t you try some other techniques and strategies on this system. You can also make use of stop loss for reducing the chance of losing. Good luck to you.

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