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v_7 Pro Survivor (by seem0re)

Pieaugums: +1853.82%
Kritums (Drawdown): 51.08%
Pipi: 2034.4
Darījumi: 405
Tips: Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:500
Tirdzniecība: Automatizētā
Oct 26 2018 at 09:06
2 ieraksti
This system is for sale.
More info at
skype: seem00re

Jun 28 2019 at 06:59
1 ieraksti
Jun 30 2019 at 06:45
122 ieraksti
First of all your track record is not verified, and your trade history is private which is not good. Anyone who has an interest in buying your EA will want to see the trade history. Why did the EA stop trading on Jan 30/2019, did you blow up the account ??

 Your results are very good for 8 months of trading at over 200% ROI per month, however your draw down is very large at over 50%, whats the reason for this big DD ??

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