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Waverely-Trio (By falcon333 )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


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Jul 07 2011 at 23:18
87 ieraksti
Aren' t you people tired of claiming 10 years trading and demonstrating only martingale on a demo account..
There are much better strategies with real advantages over the market..
rfx (ranesh)
Jul 09 2011 at 11:02
257 ieraksti
hi falcon,

yeah there are much better strategies.... like the one I've talked about in the last few posts in my thread below ! 😁

It loses in excess of 10% a day but is misrepresented with intent to scam as an ultra-safe and ultra-low-risk trading system.

Check it out :

Read the last few posts here -,16

Carry on with your trading falcon.. there'll always be someone who has nothing better to do than to go around to everyone else's threads to post their BS. 😉

Wish you all the best.
Join and Enjoy Thousands of Effort Free Pips
Jul 14 2011 at 03:46
87 ieraksti
Yes when it looses 10 or 20 % in a day or series of days can still considered safe system with moderate risk.
For conservative traders who need DD to a minimum can use 1/2 lots.
It is better to terminate bad trades and accept looses than having very unfavourable DD or one big black swan in martingale that deletes account...

A system designed for around 30% max DD can still be traded from conservative traders and have 15% DD and take halph profits or increase multiplier by doubling lot sizing and thus Profits than the ones shown, but needs a hard stomach in case of severe DD and
 a very small statistical danger to loose account, thus it is not recommended..

In any case, REAL trading systems that take small calculated risks are much better than a martingale system that refuses to take risks, but takes a HUGE account LOSS risk even after a year of successful trading...

The above user just demonstrates his ignorance about trading..
It is perfectly valid for a top 2% a trade trader to loose 10 in a row in a couple of days and start recovering...
Nobody will tell him why after a few days, weeks or months when he produce an good new high water mark...

You people go back to the trading basics and learn solid strategies that PRODUCE positive pips long term and do not use the martingale as your advantage as it is not and soon or later you will pay the price...
Profits are only fictional and if you don't withdraw frequently, you will pay the one and only stop loss hit without recovery option this time...

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