FXF was founded by foreign exchange elites and EA engineers and in 2018
we are established in Singapore in May and began to actively expand the Southeast Asian market. Since November 2018, the team has expanded and started to enter the Chinese market.

The purpose is to help newcomers and retail investors to get to know more about the foreign exchange market, and hope to help newcomers and retail investors to not be fooled in this market. We aim to provide a stable and transparent platform to give investors a reliable investment choice. We will always be based on the principle of good faith, with the highest purpose of stable profit, and sustainable development with customers around the world.

FXF does not use slick jargon or make false advertisements. We use the principle of “less is more” to provide consistent and profitable services and give customers the purest profit experience.
Tirdzniecības Stils
We have a combination of EAs and manual traders for the best trading environment for our client's accounts.