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Am a professional trader with 3 years of experience with one of the best trading strategy in the world.....
Financial Market Analyst.
Fund Manager
marketing Genius

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First, I am a technical analyst that looks at the forex market chart to know the next move of the market....... my Trading Style for Trading is the most powerful trading a TOP-DOWN analyst which means analyzing the chart from a high timeframe down to a lower timeframe which give a big picture of what the financial market will do, then i read the price action of the market, what and what is the reaction of the candlesticks, and implies my trading strategy(one of the most powerful Trading Strategy of all time).... after all this before i enter any of the trade i will have at least 3 to 4 and above confluences in the Market

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forex expo 5.03% 7.49% -298.4 Manuāli 1:100 Demo

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