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Kasim Ijelu


Vārds Kasim Ijelu

Kasim is a highly regarded trader, with a background in Computer Programming, a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and trading mentor with over 10 years experience trading in the financial markets.
Kasim is integral in the trading team and the founder of timelessfx trading analysis blog and trading psychology . Kasim is keen on explaining the importance of risk management by developing the break-even strategy and profit taking technique.
Kasim’s success as a trader can be attributed to his unique trading style and combination of intensive trading skills and methods. His background of over 10-years of coaching and mentoring all over the UK, has allowed him to gain insight and knowledge into the best way to promote wealth consciousness and help business men and women gain financial freedom.
Kasim has studied currency and precious metals, and energy markets primarily on European and American exchanges. His trading style utilizes the global news and fundamental analysis as a part of his working day.

Tirdzniecības Stils:
Technical and back ground fundermental trader. I look for trends using long term multiple time frame analysis

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