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Nest Capital LLC


Vārds Nest Capital LLC

Company has managed owners and clients cash portfolios for years. Fund management limited to currency trading utilising targeted trading techniques for multiple risk profiles.

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Multiple proprietary trading algorithms utilising quantitative analysis, backtested 2 - 10 years and forward tested at least a year. Automated trading systems with compartmentalised funds trading in tandem, reducing overall exposure to individual markets and responding quickly to changing conditions.

Peace of Mind. Portfolio Growth. Wealth Preservation Above All

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Reģistrēts Oct 14 2010 at 18:55

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Vārds Pieaugums Kritums (Drawdown) Pipi Tirdzniecība Kredīta plecs Tips
NC USD Test UK1 63.38% 47.09% 453.0 Automatizētā 1:100 Reāls
NC SGD Max Allocation Test Aust1 44.49% 75.20% -2096.1 Automatizētā 1:400 Reāls
NC28 40.58% 87.84% 21490.9 Automatizētā 1:100 Reāls
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