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Moe Usenbor is the founder of PaidTrader Inc. A recognized trader, trading coach, author, and money manager with a passion for sharing his 16+ years of trading experience. He looks forward to building long lasting professional relationships and having a positive impact on every client's financial future. Bottomline, He lives for taking his clients to new heights.

2017 Exclusive: What does your financial picture look like for 2017?

Get the feeling that it is going to look like 2016?

So then wake the hell up and do something different!! - Moe

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We are pure technical, Intraday and short term swing traders. We use nothing fancy, just simple Price levels, market structure, and price behavior. This simple approach has served our clients, as well as us personally for many years. We hope for it to serve you as a valuable long-term member of the Paid[Trader]Forex Family.

We are paid by the markets to execute sound strategies with patience and discipline.

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Systems by PaidTrader

Vārds Pieaugums Kritums (Drawdown) Pipi Tirdzniecība Kredīta plecs Tips
PaidTrader Pro 1 28.56% 12.71% 40.4 Manuāli - Demo
Big Swinging Pips 4.47% 3.83% 65.8 Jaukts - Demo
PTFX Managed Elite 59.65% 0.20% 1941.8 - - Demo
PTFX Managed #1 16.41% 0.08% 1084.1 Jaukts 1:500 Reāls
PTFX Managed TLX 20.28% 39.70% 738.1 Jaukts 1:400 Reāls

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