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Vārds Elena Triston

I have been practicing trading from a couple of years and love to share my learning and experience with all my fellow traders.

Tirdzniecības Stils
Position and day trading.

The more your practice, the more you learn.

Pieredze 3-5 years

Atrašanās vieta uk

Vaučeris 3

Reģistrēts Apr 15 2020 at 04:39

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Šis lietotājs vēl nav izvietojis nevienu sistēmu apskatei.
MarkusMazur Mar 22 at 18:03
Könnte echt Hilfe gebrauchen bei sowas bin halt neu dabei und hätte so ein ein paar Fragen
Elena Triston
ele020 Mar 23 at 08:24
Yes, please! Iall your questions are welcome
Elena Triston
ele020 Jan 05 at 07:44
Hey traders, how did your trading begin this year? I hope everyone is back from the holiday session :P