Tirdzniecības Stils
TB or Top to Bottom approach analysis is the only strategy that's give me good return,I have tried so many indicators at first but that makes chart more complex.Then I decide to trade only one pair without any indicators.I take EURUSD pair for trading and USDCHF for analysing inverse correlation with my trading pair.New traders have useless argument some traders think in trading technical analysis is better and some traders think fully opposite from others.I don't know about other strategy but in TB technical and fundamental both are important.First I keep updates of all news like global stock market,FX market and also bond market,you don't have to be expert in stocks,bonds or economy,you just need to understand how this news going to impact and which pair.I don't trade every week or month but I keep updates all of the news and events. By doing this I have clear fundamental view of my trading pair.After that technical part. For technical analysis first I do analysis of all DJI,S&P,NASDAQ and European stock index and after that USDCHF pair.By analysing USDCHF pair I have clear view of correlation and also I have knowledge about my drawdown or my risk,How?Ans: For inverse correlation EURUSD chart is inverted in USDCHF . So if I want to place buy position on EURUSD and if I see USDCHF chart then I'm able to see the situation or scenerio how it look like if market goes against me, that's how I'm able to minimize my drawdown or risk.