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Alpari UK apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 3.4 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 272
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1 ieraksti
I received my money yesterday.

Via Alpari Special Administration's claims portal, I applied for compensation from the FSCS, which is the British compensation. They accepted, and I got all my money back yesterday.
Nice circumstance: my EUR claims were converted into USD with January exchange rate. In the mean-time, waiting for compensation, I earned a nice amount due to EURUSD decline.

Btw: The new Alpari broker isn't the one, that went bust. And I believe the new one isn't covered anymore by the British FSCS.
The British FSCS was the main reason in the first place for me when opening an account at Alpari (back in 2013).
107 ieraksti
Has anyone got his funds? tell us here when you'll get it...
Let's make a profit)))
4 ieraksti
I wonder what is happening with Alpari, I have friends involved in this broker.
22 ieraksti
hopper posted:
Trading stopped today around noon. In the news and on their hompage I can read they went bankruptcy due to missing liquidity when the SNB dismissed the 1.2 barrier for CHFEUR. Too bad. I hope not to loose all my money there.😡

they said your money is segregate on their company bro, so I think yours and other alpari uk client's money still safe.. maybe just wait to alpari resolve their lack of liquidity problem then you can get your money back.. we just can hope..😞
experience is the best teacher, nothing else..
1 ieraksti
Trading stopped today around noon. In the news and on their hompage I can read they went bankruptcy due to missing liquidity when the SNB dismissed the 1.2 barrier for CHFEUR. Too bad. I hope not to loose all my money there.😡
50% of the people are more stupid than the average.
11 ieraksti
my trading experience with this forex broker has lasted almost one years and it's been positive mostly...working good.
2 ieraksti
do not provide good service
12 ieraksti
There is no way to deal with this brokers all very formal, does not motivate them to continue😇😇😇
14 ieraksti
I have been trading with alpari and gainsy also for some time already and I do really consider them to be good broks. Taking into account the fact that I do trade with big amounts, for the moment I can not confirm your words regarding slippages, requotes. I think you have to add printscreens for people to trust you, you know this is serious accusation in respect to broker. And in case it is really so, we have to know that for not to get into similar situation. For now all I can tell is that I have always my questions answered and controversial issues solved with help of theirt support, people are very attentive and willing to help there, I like it, I like their attitude to work as well as to clients in particular, are very polite
3 ieraksti
I have to say that Alpari went bad...a few years ago it was the good broker, but now on a platform there is slippage, requotes are very frequent...When I wrote to support in order to clear up a situation, we never came to anything in the end, they always responded with a learned phrases!!

That is why I decided it's time to move on... Now I'm working with fxopen and limaforex. There are no problems
15 ieraksti
The best broker for me, one of my best selection brokers
24 ieraksti
I have had a good experience so far, spoken to them on the phone they were very polite and helpful.

Not had any of the issues seen above, but only time will tell. So far so good though.
If you don't have time to trade, let us do it for you!
Marius Sebastian Stan
1 ieraksti
BenScoobert posted:
Alpari UK seem to me, to be what I expect from a broker, they open accounts quickly, deposit money quickly, they widen spreads when it suits them, their demo account feed doesn't match the live.

Show me the perfect broker and I'll show you it is a fake promotional post by an employee.

5 ieraksti
Russian brokers sucks i have bad experience with them all alpari exness instaforex and roboforex i am moving to Swiss brokers now a days :)
6 ieraksti
Alpari is the only market making brokers I trade with - they are easily one the biggest and best with excellent facilities for clients - I generally trade at STP/ECN because of strategy
2 ieraksti

is there someone who have experience with Alpari UK binary options trading? Especially minute options.
Im asking just because, there are many many many 'binary oprions brokers' - scammers.
I know that Alpari is serious broker, I just want to know if its profitable and if there are some problems with withdrawals.

Thanks! 😎
4 ieraksti
The account managers there are very annoying. They keep calling me all the time, several times a day so that I deposit more money after loosing a large amount.
3 ieraksti
They did it again (act funny on TPs, entries and SLs) so i just closed my all my (~150K USD) accounts and will not bother with them again.

Withdrawals are fine, trading however, to me, is less than ideal.

My 2c and fyi
3 ieraksti
I can subscribe to that.
The other day i had a missed TP again on a Loonie short .. missed by less than a pip
Also a short on the Cable got 'stolen' by a SL hunt on less than a pip.
Decided to no longer use normal SL and/or TP. I will use the TP (for spikes) but not the SL anymore.

Decided to close all bigger live accounts except 2, the sandbox account and a 'trackrecord' one. (That's 85% of my assets gone)
Looking for another broker to run the MT4 EA and continue the trackrecord.

Never received a direct reply to my question whether they use the Virtual dealer plugin, have used it and/ or are planning to use it.
Very simple question that only requires a simple yes or no.
Draw your own conclusions. I'm just relaying hard facts.
1 ieraksti
I closed all my accounts with Alpari (Live & Demo). My experience with the demo account was enough for me to close my live account.

My trades got stopped out on a number of trades - the price on the day was more than 30 pips away from my stop and in some cases 80+ pips away. They thought I would not notice. When I emailed them asking why? They emailed me back like I was stupid. Told me that

1. The price displayed in MT4 was bid only and the ask is a different price so I got stopped out on the ask price.
>>>>> My response - how stupid do you think I am??? I got stopped out 30+ pips away from the day's high/low. Is Alpari's spreads more than 30-80+ pips????

2. They explained to me how different order types worked.
>>>>>> My response - What?

3. We had insufficient equity so our trades were closed.
>>>>>>There was 2 million in free equity

When we complained they didn't want to listen. We complained to CEO of Alpari and there was NO RESPONSE. Instead they suspended our demo account. (You see we made 150% profit in our demo account in 2.5 months so you'd think that they would want our business).

This was there response to a demo account. We have no confidence with Alpari because:

1. They gave us excuses.
2. When we told them that their excuses were pathetic and they should really look into why these trades were closed out before sending some generic response, they suspended our account.
3. Our emails to their CEO's (former and current) resulted in NO RESPONSE.

I have told all my trading buddies to close their account with Alpari. We have withdrawn all of our money from Alpari.

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