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JFD apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 3.4 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 114
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Sep 07 2017 at 06:28
6 ieraksti
CarlosMZ posted:
Still waiting for the MT5 platform to be added by the broker! 😄 Other than that - all good, excellent service.

Hello Carlos,
We have recently added the MT5 platform to our offering! Our version MT5+ includes all well-known MT4+ add-ons as well! Find out more on this page -
We hope you will enjoy it!
Best regards,
JFD Brokers

- One-stop multi-asset experience for trading and investment services
Jun 01 2017 at 06:16
6 ieraksti
Thank you everyone for the constructive feedback shared in this discussion so far!

Hello @MountainKing,
Thanks for sharing your experience and positive feedback. We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the payment fees, but unfortunately Skrill sets its own fees. We do offer other lower cost payment options, however, such as bank transfers. You can find all the info you need on our Payment Methods page -
For the safety of our clients, we offer negative balance protection. As an added safety measure at times of high volatility, for example during the French elections, we increased several margin requirements and notified all clients to be cautious when trading such events. We encourage all our traders to use proper risk management. In fact, we have an upcoming webinar 'Risk and Money Management: how to find the right position size' taking place on 15/06/2017. You can register for free through this link:
We take your feedback seriously and hope we have answered any questions you may have. We are always here to help!
Best regards,
JFD Brokers

- One-stop multi-asset experience for trading and investment services
May 30 2017 at 06:51
27 ieraksti
it was my hope to have another top broker with JFD...

(+) Positive
 huge amount of CFDs
 support for quants
 i made money with them and took the initial deposit out (thank god i did)
(-) neg.
 some weeks ago they added skrill -- but the fees!
 i traded french elections with some open positions (hedged)
   -- only 1 broker out of >20 i use sent margin calls -- can you guess the name?

Karel (Bohdan73)
May 26 2017 at 07:11
51 ieraksti
Very good service overall. I like the reports for the trades they provide and the webiars for the traders. Execution is fast and I sometimes have positive slippage. Not sure why they still offer only forex and CFD but not some instruments traded on real exchanges. Hopefully JFD will offer Czech or other central European shares soon.

Trade with determination!
Jack (jackell78)
Jan 25 2017 at 15:49
45 ieraksti
I am trading with JFD Brokers for already more than a year and I am completely satisfied with their services. I use JFD for trading the FX majors and index CFDs. Very good that they reduced commissions on those! I would like to see the swap rates lower plus more options to trade futures, not only as CFD. The customer support is fast and answers all my questions politely and with enough details. I have no complaints about execution. Spreads are stable but I hope they will be even lower.

Duncan (holdend)
Jan 20 2017 at 14:46
41 ieraksti
I saw the guys from JFD at the World of Trading expo in Germany last November and it was really cool. A big booth full of people and everyone explaining about trading and the industry. I hope they will attend more events in 2017. Wishing you all a successful new year in trading! 😄

Torsten (tormess)
Jan 20 2017 at 12:03
52 ieraksti
This is five star broker with no hidden costs of trading and no conditions written in small letters. I can recommend everyone to give it a try and see the difference. I agree with the posts that swap rates are a bit on the high side. Spreads on the majors are low enough. Support is friendly and helpful. Good luck to all!

Martin (martinkolbe)
Dec 20 2016 at 09:38
35 ieraksti
JFD is honest broker. For me their trade execution reports showing all details about the orders is one of the most useful things in their offering and helps a lot when I am not sure what happened with my positions. The customer support is fast to react via email and live chat. I am experienced MT4 user and I like all the custom EAs and indicators provided by the broker. I like trading indices a lot and the low commission there is very good. Spreads are low and stable. I would like to see more online deposit and withdrawal options as well as Danish stocks and indices offered. More webinars are also welcome.

Carlos (CarlosMZ)
Dec 12 2016 at 15:25
55 ieraksti
Still waiting for the MT5 platform to be added by the broker! 😄 Other than that - all good, excellent service.

Ben (ben08in)
Dec 12 2016 at 14:28
47 ieraksti
RichardBills posted:
They now have a web trading platform but it is only in German as far as I understood.

I also noticed that Richard. It's called Guidant if I am not mistaken. Had a look at their desktop and it seems quite advanced as functionality but I don't get much as it's all in German. Hopefully we can see this web trader platform in English soon...

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