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HFT Group apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 3.4 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 28
Ease of use
Klientu serviss
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HFT Group diskusija

Jan 23 2013 at 10:43
4 ieraksti
Best rebate around, great brokers.

Alison Ramos (alisonr)
Jan 23 2013 at 12:55
10 ieraksti
You can trust these guys

the only easy day was yesterday
Jan 29 2013 at 03:06
20 ieraksti
These guys are great!!!!


LKHedge (LKHedgeFund)
Jan 29 2013 at 03:25
34 ieraksti
honest service :)

Get Rich or Die Trying
Jan 30 2013 at 10:33
3 ieraksti
I am very happy with the service. They are transparent and just plain and simple have great offers for some of the most attractive brokers around. So far very happy with the offer on IC Markets, esp. combined with Jon being really helpful around questions around the brokers. So it is not only a good financial offer.

Nesimetria (jdaerial)
Jan 30 2013 at 10:58
1 ieraksti
Signed up and already rebates are applied on the account. Good honest guys with a passion for trading!

Life is about taking a few risks
Feb 03 2013 at 19:25
1 ieraksti
One of the best rebate around, not only because it has the best value for the selected brokers, but also because it's very easy to get the money, easier than with others (they are discounted from trade commissions or deposited directly into your account) and on top of that Jon is absolutely great in helping you out and create a dialog between the clients and the brokers, something it's not easy to get nowadays and whose importance is invaluable!

Feb 05 2013 at 10:22
1 ieraksti
Easy and fast to set up (just an email), good rebates on selected brokers and no waiting for a month to get your money back, since the rebate is directly applied on the commission of the broker. Thanks guys!

Narayan Joshi (rbnj0904)
Feb 07 2013 at 06:30
5 ieraksti
Awesome Rebates! Extremely helpful guys :)

Jodie (03maree03)
Dec 26 2013 at 12:01
14 ieraksti
Hi everyone, just wondering how this service and it's rebates is still going? Wondering if it's still a great service or not before I decide to switch over.
Love to hear an update from anyone currently with them.
Kind Regards,

Allow yourself to be a beginner, no-one starts off an expert.
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