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Kopējais vērtējums: 4.3 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 448
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2 ieraksti
Just got paid first time $194.21
1 ieraksti
best rebates I ever had.
1 ieraksti
Agradeço pela qualidade do serviço e também pelo excelente atendimento; Continue assim.
4 ieraksti
Very good service, clean working website. Recommended
1 ieraksti
1 ieraksti
1 ieraksti
Great service ! easy and fast
2 ieraksti
good payback programs . i want to a 10 rating. out of 10
2 ieraksti
1 ieraksti
1 ieraksti
great tool for all users
1 ieraksti
Conoci los servicios de casualidad, y verdaderamente muy bueno en todo aspecto, rentabilidad, facilidad y atencion. Gracis Paybackfx!!
Disciplina y autoconocimiento
1 ieraksti
Elena_Chopin posted:
My rebates profit is still in pending since 1 month and half ! It's so long !
Support told me rebates are asked from 1 to 10 on each month. We are the 14 july and still in pending.....

Same problem!
Alpha Runner Investments
3 ieraksti
Hi UsY! Exactly but your last point is for all Brokers valid. The reason is that PaybackFX gave your account an IB number, so it is not possible to do somthing else with this account, following a signal provider for example BUT...if you find a provider platform using a bridge instead of register your account to that platform, you have both. PaybackFX AND money from the signal provider.
Next step in that idea is to find a signal provider that makes 100 trades per month without destroying your account, even a zero win/loss balance would be good. Fact is with a 50.000 USD account and following with 1 lot (which is close to 1% risk on a strategy which is working with around 50 pips sl in average) you will receive from PaybackFX 100 lots * X USD per turn around lot per month. That is around 1,5% each month or more than 10%+ per year only from PaybackFX. 10%+ per year before tax is not so bad if you are not a greedy person...and again...only from PaybackFX.

To the limitations.
- After the 1st withdrawal you can even 50 USD withdrawal from one account. You can do it for each account. That's my March standing...maybe they changed it for my next order!? Will see...
- could takes some time before the Brokers send the money to PaybackFX. Maybe not before the 10th like they say.

Under the line -> Payback is not only extra money. It gaves you also an new option in the social trading.
1 ieraksti
top !
... vom Berge hinunter ins Tal und wieder hinauf ... passend ! ... simultan zur Geschichte meines Lebens !
25 ieraksti
I like the service. It's extra money with no effort.

Yes, there are some limitations
- only one free (PayPal) withdrawal of earnings per month
- a withdrawal covers only one account
- money may need a few days before it arrives at PayPal

However, I see no reason to complain about a service that doesn't cost anything but sends me money (which it actually does).

Be aware that some brokers (in my case GKFX) don't put existing accounts under PaybackFX.
I had to create an extra GKFX account in order to make it work.
1 ieraksti
28 ieraksti
5 ieraksti
Awesome service, fastest withdrawal ever.
2 ieraksti
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