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Очень доволен брокером, работаю с ними более 8 лет, все СУПЕР!
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They pay , but with delay . This is the reason :

'Dear clients

The withdrawal of funds through all payment systems, wire transfers and transfers to cards will exceed the procedural terms.

Reason: for proper operation of corporate liquidity module, the funds required to execute the client requests should be removed from omnibus accounts within several weeks.
How this module works:

Overlapping client positions is carried out by a pool of accounts opened with liquidity providers. The accounts are not operated automatically; they are managed with the management module of corporate liquidity which allows directing this or that transaction in whole or in part on the accounts providing optimum conditions for this purpose at that time.

It also applies to the system estimating aggregated requests for funds deposit and withdrawal in order to maintain necessary margin on the omnibus accounts and assess risks. Therefore, to withdraw funds from the omnibus accounts we should take into account open positions, a possible gap at market opening, and also positions opened by managing traders from the beginning of the trading period.

A number of withdrawal requests submitted at the end of last week 20% exceeds a usual norm; obviously, it is connected with problems in Panteon-Finance that make some clients of ours worry, and also with mass withdrawals to corporate cards. All requests will be executed. However, the funds withdrawal process will take some time as the funds are removed by parts from different accounts at the LP. Since March we will have been operating according to terms stipulated in the regulations and within February we will reconstruct operation module to be able to withdraw large sums shortly. Funds withdrawal process is not suspended, clients will receive payments according to their requests, this will just take more time, than usually.

We apologize for this inconvenience, the situation is temporary and caused by the objective reasons.'
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Hi William,

I cooperate with this broker more than 4 years - with monthly withdrawall profit - without any problems. Yes start was crazy - Ukraine people, ukraine company - sent money - receive money / crazy.....
1 years company use jurisdiction from New Zealand - and there is many request to clients about few documents of identification each one = ussualy it is process 1 week. It is normally (IronFx company acc I have experience 1,5 month) :-)

About electronic payment - there is many problems because russia clients and ukraine transffer is now very difficult, but banking standard way is OK. They use also PPF Bank Prag ....

Good Luck
1 posts
We have some negative.
Very long identification stage, over 2 week. It's crasy.
Also i found messages that they stop payback. All ways, electronic currency and real transfers.
Can somebody confirm that?
12 posts
It is the best !! The PAMM systems is great !
1 posts
Very good losses and profits allocation idea PAMM 2.0, customers focus company, what else.. the possibility to communicate with traders directly, publit Investors offers, best prices bet liquidity provider Intergal (or Currenex), at the moment new instrument tested FOREX-TREND company know-how PAMM INDEXES - several PAMM accounts of different trades in one instrument-you can trade it from your MT4 platform! Wich is very important - prompt customer support.
Wish everyone successful trades and investments!
3 posts
My experience on FX-market is aprx. 10 years , in this time I tested maybe 20-25 brokers(also ECN and STP). But now I cooperate with FX-TREND (Integral liquidity provider) more than one year and It is best experience with broker FX-TREND - very good works there. It is only few times When EUROPE traders look it in massive... Good luck Fx-Trend
1 posts
Отличный брокер. Всегда новые и интересные финансовые предложения для клиентов и технические решения.
Наши сомнения — это наши предатели. Они заставляют нас терять то, что мы возможно могли бы выиграть, если бы не боялись попробовать...
1 posts
Отличный брокер. Лучший из тех с которыми я работал.
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Пожалуй самый надежный брокер на территории Украины, а так же один из лучших брокеров на Европейском и Мировом рынке Forex. Являюсь его клиентом и полностью доволен сервисом компании.
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