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I have a complaint about a company FXCBS and I became its victim.
08/02/2011, I filled up an account with 3900 €. The first week so far set up the robot, it has lost more than 50% of the deposit,
but then when set up, then went to a good profit and at the end of the second week of FXCBS blocked the trading account and then
completely wiped out all the deals that were after August 14. In this email write all that without erase
any explanation or warning.

Dear Andrej,

We regret to inform you that after investigating the discrepancies between your account and the liquidity provider,
we concluded that none of your orders was honoured by the bank since the 15th of August 2011.
Therefore, the account was rolled back to the same status as was on 14th of August 2011.
You may now commence trading on your account.

We wish you successful trading.

Kind Regards,

FXCBS Accounts Dept.
[email protected]
FXCBS|Fienex Group
After that they may once have not answered my email. I wrote three email and chat.

AN: [email protected],
[email protected]
26 августа 2011 г. 16:52

Good morning .

I send you a request to withdraw 19 000 EURO from my account 2212924 which I earned by your broker.

If I do not get their money within the next week,
I will consider myself obliged to inform their opinions about your work with clients
to all persons interested in working in the financial markets,
that may suffer from cooperation with your company (the main site, about 350 forums and blogs devoted to investments and working on the Forex market.)
This way you not only hurt the reputation but also the further prosperity.
The same will apply to the peace army at your place of registration statement with the fraud and that criminal proceedings are instituted

PS: If you are the first in this market I would like to enlighten you to the next.
When the transaction is approved at a specified price on a real broker, then that price is in the market.
This is your problem that could not bring the transaction to the bank. Platform accept your orders, then took my broker a deal and fulfilled.
and the fact that you pulled out of the socket server that translates the transaction to the market this is your kitchen affairs.

I hope for your reasonable act


Since he received no answer, he wrote as much time to chat, but no action was not totally on their side. Since it is not seriously not to react in any way the customer after they killed my profit.
The whole story and I'm giving you a screenshot.

Help please and do not leave it to them just like that. Let them know as much about what kind of trader they are liars.

The whole story and I'm giving you a screenshot.
1 posts
I have done a lot of research for FX Broker and pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they are the cheapest ECN broker out there, hands down. My orders are always filled and I have never had a problem closing out orders.

   I manually trade as well as use EA's well. They have MAM and PAMM accounts for the Money Manager/Securities Brokerages.

    They can be reached 24 hours a day and I call a Chicago number as well. This is my first broker and I feel proud and lucky to find a FX Broker that is about fast execution, and no nonsense pricing.

   One of the best features is that they have their own tool bar download. This comes with a Chart of Live Rates of currency pair pricing, Live Support Buttons for FXCBS and a free Bloomberg Radio widget that gives you fantastic information during live trading times as well as all around radio during the non-peak times. For busy traders like myself, I do not have time to read the financial times daily and this keeps me up to date.
    I also know their staff and managers by name and they recognize my voice when I am on the phone. My account manager is incredible and works around the clock to make sure that I am happy trading.

I would never go anywhere else.

Thank You,

Jesse Bookheim
2 posts
We have tried several brokers in the past couple of years, but FXBCS was the broker that we went with after all. As a fund management company we looked for the best quotes with volumes and extreme consistent speed and efficiency in execution. We have tried all the top brokers but all our trials were disspaointing. Im not saying that trading with FXCBS is a copy of the demo account but they were the best of all the others. These guys technology is really good.

We are currently trading more than 25 managed accounts with FXCBS, Customer service is not to match with any other broker, the management is very professional, prices and execution is superb.

We've tried many brokers that are ECN or claim to be ECN but always when we compare with FXCBS we still have doubts about other brokers.


Quantum FX Fund
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