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HiWayFX Review Scores

Overall score: 3.2 / 5

Total votes: 6
Customer service
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HiWayFX Discussion

Mar 30 2015 at 08:01
5 posts
No MT4 for mobile devices yet....

togr (togr)
Mar 30 2015 at 18:23
4862 posts
IsaacSamo posted:
No MT4 for mobile devices yet....

There is mt4 for android and iphone

Mar 31 2015 at 06:58
5 posts
No, for the HiWayFX-EU there is not.
I´ve asked the support...

Aug 12 2015 at 10:28
1 posts
Cool bonus system
Attractive web design and intuitive trading platform
Superb customer support services
Triple regulation

Oct 01 2015 at 06:14
2 posts
Very good broker,probably the lowest spread on the market and no restriction on scalping.
Very fast trade execution.Support channel also very reliable,answered all my question sincerely.
Very recommend to all 😄 !

The harder you fall,the better result you'll get.
Oct 01 2015 at 12:21
10 posts
I think they are SCAM, I hope I was wrong. I opened an account few days ago and start trading. I sent my documents and my account is fully verified. So I earn few money and today sent a withdraw request using Webmoney to cash-out my profit, the status of my request changed to completed but I didn't receive my money. I try to use their Live chat which was available before make a withdraw request, but the link gone and I can reach to their Live Chat page. I send an email to their financial department but no answer yet. it's so strange because if my request is completed why I didn't receive money and WHY their LIVE chat disappear after make a withdraw request!?

I hope they pay my money or have a good reason for this strange behavior, because I am a web designer and I am good at it, I will make lots of website to alert people to avoid this Broker, if they try to be a SCAM.

Oct 02 2015 at 11:08
10 posts
Well, after contacting via Email and talking with them with phone, They explain the situation, as it turns out they are send webmoney withdrawal using a processor and not a direct WebMoney wallet to transfer funds so that's why the reason that I didn't receive money after request changed to completed. And today my money received to my webmoney Purse, so t seems they are not SCAM after all. I hope in the future their service get better.

by the way I still can't connect to their live chat and it's not a Internet Issues because I have no problem with almost any other website or other live chats.

Oct 28 2015 at 07:16
1 posts
Low spread, Fast execution. very good customer service

Highly recommended to all scalpers & intraday trader

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