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"Abs. Gains" should be the main metric and appear before "Gains" результатов голосов

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"Abs. Gains" should be the main metric and appear before "Gains" Обсуждение

Feb 01 at 17:36
1 комментариев
I know both metrics are important, but.....
I've been reading through the forums and the 'Gains' field seems to be confusing a lot of traders and extra deposits can inflate this number(can mislead people).
Profits based on total deposits seems to be the real metric that traders care about, and won't be inflated with extra deposits.
Has this been considered?

Feb 23 at 10:12
7 комментариев
That’s a good suggestion and I hope it is executed at some point.

CrazyTrader (CrazyTrader)
Mar 07 at 22:51
1718 комментариев
Already said years ago... they won't change it

Mar 19 at 04:42
13 комментариев
I think that should definitely come to light and should be considered.

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