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Global Trading Pros 1:5 (by gtpfx)

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FX trader (Palko)
Oct 03 2016 at 11:51
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Hi guys..,

when I see some of the stupid posts ..,I need to say something ..,I trade forex for 8 years now I have live accounts with couple of brokers and ACM FX + GTP is one of my favourite ..,nice people very helpful,straightforward easy approach ..,good customer service and of course great results with GTP.

All the best guys ,and don't worry only people they know what they want can appretiace what u are doying.

Thanks a lot.

Sincerely Paul.


Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Oct 03 2016 at 13:06
27 сообщений
Thanks for the compliment Paul.

Nov 17 2016 at 08:14
8 сообщений
Dear GTP, I am working with your system for 6 weeks now and I am very satisfied. Almost to good to be true. I am still looking for the snake in the grass. Hope I don't find one.
Just wondered, you said somewhere above there is no relation between GTP and Sakure.
If I look in muFXbook and compare GTP and SakureFX copy account, I see almost every trade is the same pair, same time,
same profit of 25 pips. ????
Kind regards

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Nov 17 2016 at 08:51
27 сообщений
Dear Jos,

There are a lot of traders who take similar trades and have same trade and risk management as us, this is no secret.
We all see the same charts and technical analysis and if you learn the same education in the past you also see the same trade set up.
The only way where we know Sakura FX from is that the in the past also bring clients by ACM FX and as it is a small world this days but we have no work relation with them.

Best regards,

Nov 18 2016 at 09:08
1 сообщений
My account with FxPro is small, 2000 USD, can I copy or should I have at least 5K?
Thanks and regards!

P.S. It would be easy for me to copy you if I would know a bit about your strategy.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Nov 18 2016 at 13:25
27 сообщений
Dear Zenlogic,

The account size is fine, we start from accounts of $ 1.000,- so $ 2.000,- is good enough.

You can only get our trades if you open a Live account by our partner broker ACM FX:

Our strategy is very simple, low risk and volume, only one trade per day. Most of the time entry is between 7 am and 9 am before EU and UK markets open and let it run with preset Stop loss of 15 pips and Profit targets of 25 pips.

You can see in our history tab all daily trades.

Best regards,

DynamixFX (skilaso)
Nov 22 2016 at 07:43
18 сообщений
Has anyone actually withdraw money from this broker before? I mean the broker GTP is using? I like GTP strategy and their result but am so worried about the broker disappearing and or not processing withdrawal request. For broker outside of the UK, the concern is more about how to get the deposited funds back should the broker refused to process withdrawal request.
Kindly share your experience about withdrawing deposited funds from ACM FX.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Nov 22 2016 at 09:27
27 сообщений
Dear DynamixFX,

We understand your concerns we can only confirm that our clients in the last 14 months sins we trade our MAM account by ACM FX have had no problems with any withdrawals.

Unfortunately i can't give any names of our clients as they have to come forward them self.

If there is anything we can help you with just contact us.

Best regards,


Nov 29 2016 at 09:07
8 сообщений
for what it is worth, did 5K withdrawl, took 2 working days to receive

Jan 03 2017 at 14:28
17 сообщений
I have Account with ACM FX since last 6 month,i dont feel any bad with them.they really very friendly and supporting.
the results from GTP 100% worth.happy with guys.😄

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