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MQL5 Article (By fxsaber )

Прибыль : +8364.22%
Просадка 14.31%
Пипс: 51347.0
Сделки 13471
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:400
Трейдинг: Неизвестно

MQL5 Article Обсуждение

Aug 28 2019 at 22:11
31 комментариев
This account was opened simultaneously with the publication of the article 'Extract profit down to the last pip'.

Based on this article is being traded.

Aug 29 2019 at 12:03
31 комментариев
Trade monitoring is created on all known services.

Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, Averaging or other dangerous techniques are never used.

Aug 31 2019 at 13:10
3 комментариев
what is this?.....ea or manual trading?

Sep 01 2019 at 18:08
149 комментариев
Your ROI per month is fanastic for 5 weeks of trading, and your DD is pretty low as well. Are you a MT4 programmer or did someone else program this EA for you ?? Is it for sale and if so how much are you asking ??

 Why does the EA open so many trades all at the same time and price level, then close them all at the same time ?? There is zero advantage to that logic unless the trades are closed or opened at different price levels, so this has always been a very confusing logic when I see this programmed into an EA.

Mar 21 2020 at 14:55
31 комментариев
I already know a few people who were very helpful in the article. They are in good profit at the moment. Mostly due to the storm in the markets. Those. recently.

Meanwhile, the long-running account monitored for the article made its way to Top10 on some monitoring services. We do not raise the risk, we stumble, we learn.


Mar 27 2020 at 18:00
31 комментариев
Received several such personal messages.

'Clients Waiting To Copy Your System
There is a new user waiting to copy your MQL5 Article system with signal start. Open an account with Signal Start today, set a subscription fee and start generating an extra income: www.signalstart.com. Once you open an account with Signal Start, your potential clients will be instantly notified by email.'

Unfortunately, I do not plan to engage in this type of activity yet.

Apr 30 2020 at 07:22
31 комментариев
After trading on MT5, there is no desire to support trading on MT4. On a monitored MT4 account, trading has long been stopped and is unlikely to continue. We assume that the exhibitionism session has completed its task.

There are several article trade monitoring from other people. With public / hype I finish in this direction.

At the moment, in the sources mentioned here all information is freely updated, what and where is being traded, in what volumes and with what result.

Good luck to everyone who has joined.

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