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MQL5 Article (By fxsaber )

Прибыль : +8364.22%
Просадка 14.31%
Пипс: 51347.0
Сделки 13471
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:400
Трейдинг: Неизвестно

MQL5 Article Обсуждение

Jun 14 2020 at 16:31
7 комментариев
Jun 14 2020 at 16:42
31 комментариев
millionsmoney posted:
are you selling your ea

If you could sell and forget about the buyer, then perhaps I would sell.

Jan 10 at 13:19
31 комментариев
I accept investments in my PAMM account:
Description: It is the robot that trades. Professional scalping based on ticks. Indicators, technical analysis, bars / candles, timeframes, spreads and other entities imposed on the trading community are not used. Absolutely different self-made solution and operating.

Expected profitability: see the monitoring at the link above and in the signature.

Owner: The author of many open source works for algorithmic trading. He is seriously grounded not only in theory, but also in practice, constantly showing thousands percent of profit on individual accounts (publicly and TM). Recently: the article was written, the competence of which was confirmed by opening the account monitoring, which showed from the moment of the start in real time public super-profitable trading on all known monitoring services.

In addition to researching and trading market patterns, the author is well versed in the specifics of market pricing, has complete technical representations of the structure of trading exchanges and platforms. In both public and private discussions, he continues to help improving the service by communicating directly with the owners and technicians of the respective trading companies.

Possesses extensive knowledge in the build of the trading industry. Works alone.

I don't know if it is possible to post a direct link to a PAMM account.

Jan 13 at 10:39
31 комментариев
The highest value has been reached today. Welcome to the PAMM-account!


Jan 16 at 14:09
31 комментариев
I continue to promote the PAMM account on my own. Hopefully the investment will allow me to switch from combatant to explorer in the future. I am grateful to everyone who brings this event closer.

In the meantime, it has gradually reached the TOP-3 rating in terms of profitability.


Jan 18 at 13:04
5 комментариев
I have tried a lot of indicators while trading but none of them worked that well. Want to know an indicator that can work for me.

Jan 19 at 14:32
19 комментариев
You caught a good moment.
It's a clear win.

Jan 19 at 14:35
9 комментариев
In general, everything is organized quite confidently. And this once again proves that even passive methods of work can be quite effective if properly organized.

Jan 20 at 08:01
31 комментариев
The psychological mark of + 100% profitability of the PAMM account has been reached.


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