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Прибыль : +270.46%
Просадка 12.50%
Пипс: -2702.8
Сделки 1591
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:200
Трейдинг: Автоматически


ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 14 at 03:20
140 комментариев
New System = New High. Cheers
Dear Traders, Investors

Its been a good week for us reaching New High with very satisfiying Results

We done handling the slippage issue, as market liquidity change, we should adapt faster than others

Curency Pairs Portfolio rebalancing also adapt to fundamental current condition

Thats whats make our algo trading keep running good.

As i believed, there is no PERFECT and GRAIL system.
The GRAIL is our ability to adapt back to back with live market condition.

Thats why i always said, never sell my EA, because who didnt do "adapt" will be left behind

Happy Weekend, Happy Profits

See you all next weeks, and Keep Pumping Pips :)

NB : Hope our algo surprise gettin ready before next week trade session :)

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 19 at 08:41
140 комментариев
New PAIRS Introduced

Hi traders, investors.

We are bussy to utilizing a new pairs last week, so we not updating news lately like usually before.

We are introducing new pairs for diversification, its been filtered and optimized extensively since the system running.
Ussually we are using most european cross pair that in the past most people using.

But we now running USD related pair that pushed the drawdown to the limit, and using multi tickdata price feeds to optimized.
The pair analyzed fundamental off USD related pair 4-6 hours before it tooks trade.

So does the Crosspair beeing re-optimzed too for using multiple tickprice feeds from multiple brokers, so we could agregate the system more robustly

We would see lesser trade like eurchf and gbpaud with more probability,
But we would see more trades too from USD related pairs like EURUSD to USDCAD

Our goals it build the system as robust as posible for long run,
not tons of profits in one night and bad news in other day :D
But at least 3-4 in a month fundamentally,
we could see a tons of profit in a single night as we had before multiple times.


Happy trading, happy profits

Its a marathon,

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 20 at 02:05
140 комментариев
Funny, people scream when seeing 10% DD that been mentioned before. And jump out the boat.
Then when the boat runnaway with 8-10% dailly profit. They lefted sink alone in the sea.

Emotional stage of traders
1. Euphoria : finding profitable system, a grail, bla bla bla. <--- this system had 10-20% DD
2. Euphoria 2 : eating profits and worshipping the system.
3. Hitting 10-12% DD : Bashing out the system, jumpout the boat.
4. System release from stagnant and going to new high : Traders / investor, lefted drawn alone while others running up to hill with the system.

Never judge our decission by Greed n Fear,
This is trading, this is business, this is STATISTIC

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 24 at 13:59
140 комментариев
NB : Slippage must be considered well with your brokers feeds.

Other Account with better slippage and ping time to most brokers is :



ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 26 at 17:23
140 комментариев
basicly, maket had 4 cycle

Breakout, Trending, Ranging / Sideway, Reversal Pullback
Those 4 seasonal cycle.

We keep developing Portfolio for diversification on all those Cycle,
So, The end results of our goal is = We should be win in Any market condition

The Ranging, Pullback Already run for several month that we know the performance is Very Profitable
and Trending has been utilized now, will be maxed soon for multiple curency pairs.
The last one is : BREAK OUT SYSTEM

Its coming soon

About the Drawdown, worry not, since the system also using different Trading hours window.

More Profit, More smooth equity curve, less drawdon.

Stay Tune

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
May 27 at 17:33
140 комментариев
we are soon raising fee to 20-25%
We are already ranked PAMM, and keep going, Soon, we will increase PAMM fee from 17% to 25%. So, for the investor who ride with us before this moment, no worry you should still had the 17% Fee. Its only for the new commers

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 02 at 21:36
140 комментариев
new system optimized had been implemented to avoid slippage on rollover
New optimized set, close before rolover or after rollover

So, we manage to minimized and surpressed slippage between broker pricefeeds at rollover

but still the best way is for pamm with same company broker that had the same price feeds.

and its alpari

one more things is, breakout range scalping european session is running good also
now we utilizing fundamental analisyst via semi neural network AI for this system

and soon we gonna see, XAUUSD took trades here too :)

Every market cycle would be our portfolio

Happy Profits

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 04 at 01:15
140 комментариев
Gold System and Eurusd 24 Just start
As we can see in our account, its been tested well with moderate risk

Soon we will go with the Normal (little bit bigger than now) risk.

After we see few more trades with correct fundamental algorhytm that the EA reads.

The EA will not trade much in ranging sideway market, but it will do precise point after strong trend is build, and did the entrance after pullback.

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 08 at 16:18
140 комментариев
Traders and Investors, welcome on board.

You just join in the righ moment.
Our portfolio is getting stronger, not just multipairs traded on Newyork close hour, The Main Reversal System

But now we could see trend follow trading 24 hours on EURUSD, and GOLD XAUUSD
The Risk 3 Account is more way difersified with BTCUSD - BIT COIN

As market only know 4 movement, Reversal, Trend, Breakout and Ranging

Now We already Have :
Reversal Trading : Main Kingpin System
Trend Swing Trading : On 2 Assets EURUSD and XAUUSD
Breakout : Coming Soon on GBPUSD and EURUSD
Ranging Sideway : On Development on EURGBD and AUDNZD

We Milk the market as CREAM as POSIBLE

No worry about over trade, those system surely happened on different trading season.

Keep Pumping Pips!

HFT Group (jonpearce)
Jun 09 at 01:18
86 комментариев
Why close trades at rollover? Did you consider waiting to close trades for followers using A book brokers where spreads and slippage increases at rollover? Some brokers halt trading before and after rollover resulting in losses. Possibly consider not opening or closing trades for 1 hour before and after rollover?

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