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Прибыль : +267.01%
Просадка 12.50%
Пипс: -2426.1
Сделки 1595
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:200
Трейдинг: Автоматически


ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 10 at 03:11
140 комментариев

I think not many people here understand about Diversification on multicurency,
I've told many time, and still screaming about little bit losses or cutloss.
The Equity clearcly climbing up.

The system AGREGATE profits on multi curency,
So, whenever 1st to 4 trades already closed with 3-5% profits in under 40 minutes

The rest of opened trades will be closed in BEP or with minimum 0.1-0.5% losses before the asian Market start to trending in unfavourable way

This mean we still had 2-3% gain in profits dailly.

Why would we risk bigger when we already in 2-3% dailly profits????

Its Trading, Its Statistic

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 10 at 18:28
140 комментариев
We have an SL and just litte bit itch :D

It comes from brekaout system that went false sell breakout.
We gonna pull it up under 3 day for swim up to new high again.

Stay chill and pumping pips

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 11 at 14:34
140 комментариев
Seems like this the era of ranging with false breakout, so the breakout system eurusd will be re-optimized and putted on to the portofolio whenever the volatilty back for supporting breakout market.

No worry, the eternal reversal system that brought us here, still creaming the market with dominant risk on it.

So next week the EURUSD breakout scalping will halted until our research account already showing consistent profit back, thats the moment when we put it back on to our portfolio.

Stay calm, the reversal system keep milking the market and pumping pips like it used to be

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 14 at 14:15
140 комментариев
update :

Copier can go with :
Alpari RU Pro ECN,
Alpari Trade INT,
[b]Tickmill [/b]
are 99% similar feeds

U can go with those three brokers with no worry.

I had tickmill account already, 99% results is the same as Alpari.

Broker list coming updated always.



I think i should open another new master brokers ASAP,
Copier Account is on heavy lift with equity almonst 80.000 USD

But sorry if i have to closed the door for new client whenever total following balance touch 100K,
Might be in the next month IMHO

We will not risking our existing client for liquidity problem

Best Regards

ORD equity

HFT Group (jonpearce)
Jun 15 at 00:47
86 комментариев
Why close trades at rollover? Did you consider waiting to close trades for followers using A book brokers where spreads and slippage increases at rollover? Some brokers halt trading before and after rollover resulting in losses. Possibly consider not opening or closing trades for 1 hour before and after rollover?

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 15 at 05:43
140 комментариев
Traders, Investors

When Traders hindering SL as much as posible,
Whe HAD it TWICE last week, but im HAPPY LOL
Why? Because, we always knock those SL onto NEW HIGH in 1 trading Days :D

Wich mean our portfolio subsidiary proven in live trade,
Expected results of Stagnant Drawdown in Past Performance Porfotlio Tester, using Quant Analyzer is 28 days.

But we prove it on real live trade, Only in single day we recovered :)

Oh ya, the Breakout box EURUSD system is tweaked more, to Avoid Fundamental Uncertain Volatility.
So it would trade less, but with higher profit factor and probabilty.
And risk weighted is adjust to the lowest in this range false breakout session.
We gonna run normal risk whenever Volatilty back to normal.

This is Trading,
This is Statistic

Keep Pumping PIPS

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 16 at 20:28
140 комментариев
Our gold system already running, no worry, risk set for lowest :)
Its semi grid but with stop loss

Systen Been optimized for DD as lowest as posible,

Actually she took 2 trades too in last week if we remember

Stay tune

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 16 at 21:03
140 комментариев
Analogy of a traders
This is a motivation post

Funny, people scream when seeing 10% DD that been mentioned before. And jump out the boat.
Then when the boat runnaway with 8-10% dailly profit. They lefted sink alone in the sea.

Emotional stage of traders
1. Euphoria : finding profitable system, a grail, bla bla bla. <--- this system had 10-20% DD
2. Euphoria 2 : eating profits and worshipping the system.
3. Hitting 10-12% DD : Bashing out the system, jumpout the boat.
4. System release from stagnant and going to new high : Traders / investor, lefted drawn alone while others running up to hill with the system.

Never judge our decission by Greed n Fear,
This is trading, this is business, this is STATISTIC

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 17 at 20:52
140 комментариев
Recovery in One Day , our 3 times risk = NEW high

Dont missed the recovery moment that lighting fast :)

We going back on top.

Thats where most traders fail,
Always between emotional decicission VS statistic discipline

Its Trading, Its Business
A Business with Statistic

Keep pumping pips

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jun 22 at 15:01
140 комментариев
We are in New All time High 149% in 3 month

Last Friday SL?
Its an Itch :D

Dont missed the New High Coming Soon

Reversal market is on its sexy volatility, so its the moment for keep pumping profits!

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