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Имя Lex Smirnoff

I started to trade Forex in 2005 using my personal funds and proceed to trade all this years.

During the next 10 years I have travelled a lot with conferences and speeches about Forex to thousands of people:
• Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda - Lithuania;
• Prague, Czech Republic;
• Berlin, Germany;
• Russia;
• Barcelona & Madrid, Spain;
• Milan, Italy.

At the same time I created different educational materials about Forex:
• book “How to Make Money Trading Forex”;
• 8-hours long video lectures course about trading practices “Professionals' View on Forex Trading”.
Both this products are translated on many European languages.

I have the following expertise:
• Forex trading;
• training people how to trade Forex;
• finding, teaching, motivating and leading people to reach their goals.

Стиль трейдинга:
Technical, Fundamental, Computer analyses, Algorithm trading, in the way to build artificial intelligence for trading purpose

Robots (AI) our future, there we invest

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