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Lex Smirnoff


Name Lex Smirnoff

I started to trade Forex in 2005 using my personal funds and proceed to trade all this years.

During the next 10 years I have travelled a lot with conferences and speeches about Forex to thousands of people:
• Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda - Lithuania;
• Prague, Czech Republic;
• Berlin, Germany;
• Russia;
• Barcelona & Madrid, Spain;
• Milan, Italy.

At the same time I created different educational materials about Forex:
• book “How to Make Money Trading Forex”;
• 8-hours long video lectures course about trading practices “Professionals' View on Forex Trading”.
Both this products are translated on many European languages.

I have the following expertise:
• Forex trading;
• training people how to trade Forex;
• finding, teaching, motivating and leading people to reach their goals.

Technical, Fundamental, Computer analyses, Algorithm trading, in the way to build artificial intelligence for trading purpose

Robots (AI) our future, there we invest

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