I still work as a design engineer 40h a week.
Hoping to be able to trade for a living one day and quit my job
Стиль трейдинга
Testing EAs (not anymore... except one)
Learning basics in forex.
Now I am trying price action trading.
The differenece between who your are and who you would like to be be is what you do


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CandleMartiEA -0.71% 1.44% -105.0 - 1:500 Реальный
copy_Chronicity 487.48% 60.09% 116880.1 Вручную 1:500 Реальный
Pivot Trading 13.58% 40.87% 4217.1 Смешанный 1:500 Реальный
Ohannah_Peregrine016_demo 3.18% 30.53% -7412.6 Автоматически 1:500 Демо
Ohannah Pregrine 1.00 -6.95% 9.96% -6413.2 Автоматически 1:30 Демо