forex_trader_95486 Jun 01, 2014 at 09:54
Well I did say that if it doesnt turn out the way its supposed to, there's always another holy grail around the corner. I am just saying we shld all be patient, dont scream scammers unless that person who used this term has been scammed. Maybe used terms like fishy, weird, not enough info to justify the investment etc. Thats at least more fair to all parties concerned. But some do hv their valid points, eg, a systems that makes this sort of gains is available for ppl to buy the EA or invest in mgt fund? Sure a lot of fund mgrs told u, why not, they can make more millions, nobody turned down $ making schemes! But like what one of the comments said: Must as well make millions for yourself and walk away. U may want to make more millions but when do u stopped? And seriously u also interested to help ppl make millions? Seriously? Anyhoos, lets c where this guy will hide to. Likely will surface with another EA going by this!