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ActivTrades Обсуждение

2 комментариев
Activtrades is an old and reliable broker with cool trading conditions.
First of all, I should mention the aspect which was the key one to make me choose this broker. I am talking about the trading platform which is available for trading, i.e. metatrader 4 and metatrader 5. I have made the habit of trading with mt4 and I didn't really want to change my trading habits.
Secondly, I should also mention trading conditions which allow me to earn decent profits.
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Well, judging by the facts that I see, everything looks pretty good. I mean that the trading conditions are really nice and I also tried the trading platform and it works perfectly well. I also like the fact that activtrades has official regulation and long history of operation on the market. I wonder, can anyone share their thoughts on activtrades customer support? Does it work well?
1 комментариев
I definitely liked the fact that they offer access to calculators and they have ready-made predictions that you can use to work on the market.
I noticed that they have several trading platforms, before I start working with them, any advice on how to choose the best one? What are your criteria?
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To trade in the forex market the main thing is to be properly motivated and to find a good broker...The first book that helped me to look at the world of money in a different way was 'The Richest Man in Babylon' by George Clayson. After reading it, I learned more about money than I had in my entire life.
Speaking of the broker, I trade with ActivTrades. I will not tell you about the conditions, the conditions are normal. But what I really like is the one-on-one support from the manager. I trade longterm and long only so I can't say if the broker is similarly good for other trading styles.Worked very well for me, no doubt.
11 комментариев
Ferdin_Giuliani posted:
I am not very fast at learning material, so I was looking for a broker that would provide one-on-one trading training with a personal manager. It is important for me to go at my own pace, I do not learn quickly, but I carefully analyze every aspect. I found such an opportunity with ActivTrades broker when I took the training here. I understood a lot of things but there is always room for improvement.
That's why I'm wondering if there are additional training opportunities such as video lessons?

Ohhhh... There's a whole section of training videos here...Basically, these video lessons deal with the technical side of working on the trading platform... But of course there are many other important points...
16 комментариев
I joined this broker to trade crosses. It offers quite attractive spreads on these instruments. Besides this, I can trade cross pairs with no fees here. However, as I know the broker doesn’t charge fees on all assets. There’s one exception but I don’t exactly remember what’s this. Perhaps, these are Stocks or something like this.
27 комментариев
I trade currencies and metals here. It all suits. I do appreciate good spreads and the absence of fees on these financial instruments. I’m also interested in stock trading. Of course, I intend to trade them in the long term. I heard stocks are the only assets here that come with commission. Should I expect lots of trading commissions with stocks?
1 комментариев
It’s good for currency trading.
I guess ActiveTrade would be a good choice for conservative traders. I mean those who trade currency pairs and indices mostly. It offers good conditions for these:
Very good spreads, especially on currency pairs
No fees
I joined cause of good conditions for currencies. Nothing bad I see in the trading process. I even got used to their custom platform. It offers smaller number of indicators but it’s much easier to use.
I’d like to see more cryptos here. A relatively small choice of cryptos is probably their only downside.
9 комментариев
When I just started my trading activity I found out that there is a very risky instrument which is called leverage. It drove my crazy and I thought that I would become a millionaire with this tool. However, as I understand now it often happens, I lost my deposit and decided to be cautious with it.
Fortunately, this broker doesn't offer high leverages. Guess that it's even better... no temptation to use and abuse it.
13 комментариев
Chechova posted:
I also enjoy their trading conditions. I also like that they recently added cryptos. I remember that once I came to their site I didn’t see cryptos. I even asked their customer support rep about it and he answered me in the negative. It somewhat disappointed me but nevertheless I joined this broker because of good trading conditions for most of their assets except for stocks. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to discover cryptos on their site-)

The conditions are really very good. I don't trade cryptocurrency yet, although I have plans to try it...
I had no negative experience with forex trading because I went straight to ActivTrades broker. I hope to trade here long and successfully.
1 комментариев
Reliable and Secure, with low spreads.
1 комментариев
Activtrades is a cool broker which offers lots of different perks which, as a rule, come in handy in trading.
First of all, I'd like to point out the fact that the broker supports mt4 and mt5 trading platforms. It is common knowledge that these two platforms are considered to be the most widespread nowadays throughout the world. So, there are many traders who got used to them and don't want to change their trading habits and I am not an exception.
Secondly, the broker has a wonderful educational center and you can practice using activtrades demo account with no limitations.
29 комментариев
This broker's been on the market for more than two decades and actually this fact shouldn't be underestimated. All traders try to search for reliable broker only and I can bet that this one is the most reliable among other ones. There are such features as negative balance protection, client fund insurance and support 24/5 in 14 languages. I guess it 's wortth attention of all traders, because reliabilithy is actually what they are seeking for.
11 комментариев
uxStyle posted:
Probably one of the main reasons why I decided to open an account with ActivTrades broker is a large number of assets. There really is something to trade. Come on. there are over 500 ETFs!
I really like the large number of ETFs. It seems to me that this trading asset has become popular not very long ago, but now I often use it for long-term trading!

It's a great choice. For some reason, I only recently found out about the presence of this asset.
I think the ETF is a great long-term trading and investing tool. 👌
1 комментариев
I trade on their ActiveTrader web platform. It was the main reason for me to join this brokerage company. The main thing that I value in any brokerage company is the simplicity of its trading platform. I stopped using Metatraders long ago because their functionality is excessive for me. This platform has everything required to analyze the market and I don’t need more.
1 комментариев
I am not very fast at learning material, so I was looking for a broker that would provide one-on-one trading training with a personal manager. It is important for me to go at my own pace, I do not learn quickly, but I carefully analyze every aspect. I found such an opportunity with ActivTrades broker when I took the training here. I understood a lot of things but there is always room for improvement.
That's why I'm wondering if there are additional training opportunities such as video lessons?
1 комментариев
I certainly don't have the feeling that it's the best company in the world and that it's somehow radically different from anything else I've seen before. On the other hand they have an excellent education section and they have really clear, not promotional, but educational webinars.
The MT terminals certainly don't impress me anymore. it's good that everyone has an alternative.
1 комментариев
Activtrades is a really cool broker. I think that the main reason for me to start trading with this broker is the fact that it has a long history of operation on the market. I always tend to play it safe, so this thing was of prime importance for me. Trading conditions are also fine. Surely, there is no limit to perfection and we all would like to trade without any charges, but to be realistic conditions there are nice.
I also like the feature which is called negative balance protection. I always feel nervous when it comes about trading with leverage and this function calms me down a little bit.
1 комментариев
Traven posted:
I find this broker very suitable for currency trading. I appreciate their good spreads on currencies, in particular, on majors and I also like that the broker doesn’t charge fees on currency trading.
I 100% agree with your point of view on this broker. Their trading conditions are awesome. I have already opened a real trading account here. However, I want them to add more cryptos, in particular promising altcoins such as Solana, Polkadot, etc...
1 комментариев
ActivTrades broker provides the opportunity to trade crypto. The average spread on activtrades bitcoin/usd is 90USD and the leverage provided for trading is 1:10. Moreover, you will be able to trade activtrades bitcoin on two trading platforms. One of them is AktivTrader, which supports one-click trading, micro-lot and mini-lot trading, the history of quotes, and a strategy tester. The second trading platform is Metatrader4. Since it is a CFD, you can buy fractions of bitcoin, even 0.01.
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