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ActivTrades Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 198
Customer service
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ActivTrades Discussion

Karish (Karish)
Mar 18 2016 at 22:23
4 posts
Good broker!😎

Trade Hard, Go Pro!
Apr 18 2016 at 06:13
14 posts
in conclusion is this broker good ?

their segregated account atract e although but hope there are not terrorist sponsorer like EXNESS.COM

ymleong (ymleong)
Apr 21 2016 at 15:00
31 posts
This is my personal experience with them so far (been with them for about 4mths now)
1) They sometimes take their own sweet time or consult an internal calendar to check for auspicious date to reply to your email 😇 or even online request 😲
2) So far I have yet to withdraw my total deposit, and I DEFINITELY do not intend to stay around that long just so I can 'experienced' their wire services 😝
3) I traded with upto 10 brokerages by now and they are the FIRST and ONLY brokerage whereby I end up quarrelling with them 😡
4) They have quite rude customer service staff and their so called managers will treat you shabily and without courtesy 😡
5) I wrote an email to ask abt my new tading acct, and I didnt even sound rude but that manager/customer staff called me up and repeated 6x in total that I should request politely. All just coz I needed to open a 3rd trading account.
If you have NEVER experienced whats its like to wait for 48HOURS for an online request just to open a NEW trading account whilst you are already a customer, I highly recommend their brokerage 😀

All i wrote in my email was that I needed to open a 3rd acct and waited for 48HOURS and NO reply (if you accidentally skip point ONE, go back and read about their internal calendar). I also highlighted the fact that they have seems to delay email reply, or even online application/simple requests without any status update as to whether request was being worked on.

The manager called me up just to LECTURE me so I ask whats their expected SLA and why was it not published on the site to let me know about it? He also emphasied that system gave me a message 'Your request has been received and will be processed' so I should read that and WAIT. I reply that never have I encountered a brokerage that took 48HOURS just to process an online request to OPEN a NEW trading acct. Usually its about 5mins wait with other brokergaes, despite they may have certain limit eg, 5 trading accts. That manager seems to imply that either I am blind or not able to read English thats why I wrote email. Mind you i make that online request on a Wednesday and wrote an email the NEXT MONDAY

I wrote a reply after my conversation in polite but definitely somewhat sarcastic tone rgds our conversation as well their SLA on just opening acct. I even send them some humourous cartoon on customer service. I even thank him for reminding me at least 6x to politely request for opening of acct, and told him that I will in future ensure at least 48hours, and SIX very polite email before I call him/ask to chat with him just to open an acct. He finally got that message!
Just about 2 wks ago their server went offline and I lost 25pips on a trade (especially I subscribe to signals) I exit at a worst price, and ask their customer service to talk to the manager and send an email to notify traders rgds this issue and whats the reason as well as their action plan to prevent further outages. Until now, no emails, in fact if i didnt chat online no apologies, just plain playing hide and seek
FYI, I was with IC market for at least 4yrs and last yr the entire server was offline for at least 2days due to DDos attacks. IC not only compensate me 100% for losing that trade due to late exit but they also email all traders rgds the cause and their action plan for that weekend. IC now has 15 servers and i dont doubt it will never occur again! Its not that all brokerage has some issues, its how the brokerage handle that issue. Hide and seek are for kids. We are all adults, we can be reasoned, give us upto date information and communicate effectively with us without the making it seems Activtrades is right and the trader is a criminal!
In ONE sentence, since Activtrades dont seem to bother about their customers, they DONT deserve the business.
I very much look forward to recovering my small acct (since I still got active signal running) and going back to IC market and I doubt I will regret my decision!
I used the trading points to exchange VPS, and VPS can sometimes be a bit freeze out for like 3mins despite I used only maximum of 57% of CPU allocated

Let your mistakes be your cornerstones NOT tombstones
Apr 22 2016 at 07:56
14 posts
Hummm, Thank you Mr Beth YM Leong i think we are getting some lights on each broker our there, what i oberserved from my experinced is that 80% of broker out now ARE 1 scanmmer, terrorist sponsor E,G and soon globally forex will not be available for all these groups od so called brokers hiding under their mother bed without phisicaly direction banks will take over from them soon .

Apr 24 2016 at 06:21
7 posts
they have which usually irrelevant to the topic at hand and some throw their rubbish in when even they haven't achieved what is required.

managerforex (managerforex)
May 17 2016 at 06:50
1 posts
islam69 posted:

Terrivel customer service, terrivel withdrawals service, very bad broker!

Jun 17 2016 at 07:35
3 posts
take care, this broker ACTIVETRADERS UPLOAD FAKE historicals in MT4

just compare this 2 scamers,,, foliecapital and greenviewfund


Jun 18 2016 at 16:51
14 posts
i have closed my account with this broker lots of fake datas on mt4

Willy_test_fx (Willy_test_fx)
Jun 24 2016 at 06:22
33 posts
theys allow upload fake historicals in mt4 and show in live accounts, usually with 2 or 3 years historical
for some manager in FX ( FOILE CAPITALS and GREENVIEWFUND)

osnalpari (osnalpari)
Jun 26 2016 at 14:34
1 posts
moneyfarm01_ posted:
take care, this broker ACTIVETRADERS UPLOAD FAKE historicals in MT4

just compare this 2 scamers,,, foliecapital and greenviewfund


William and moneyfarm, did you check the trades to show where is the fake? I have checked and they have exactly the same.

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