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Forex Contest Squared Financial

Feb 02 2015 at 07:43
1 posts
سوال : هو المسابقه هتبتدي امتي ؟ شكراً

Feb 02 2015 at 07:51
5 posts
the million bucks in the way

Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
1 posts
مرحبا، أريد حذف حسابي، يمكن للشخص الرجاء مساعدتي ويقول لي أن التعليمات أو ارتباط، وذلك بفضل، تحيات ويتعلق


Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
16 posts
Still one day to go ... market already open, just let us trade haha

Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
2 posts
when does the Game Starts in EST ?

Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
1 posts
نحن هنا😁😀

Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
13 posts
JhonKoplo69 posted:
lets start to trade....

Howmuch money do you profit from fxboo?


Joe Steven Mero Delgado (JOEMERO)
Feb 02 2015 at 08:00
1 posts
Saludos hermanos humanos soy latino de Ecuador espero estar al nivel de la competencia, espero todos seamos buenos competidores.
Me considero ruso por su idioma aunque es muy difícil, me dicen el Ruso Joe, soy Joe, Joe Mero.
Pues suerte a todos.


Md Feroz Hossain (fhdolon)
Feb 02 2015 at 08:01
17 posts
Almost say trade disable....When i should able to open a position?

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ShahLegno (Shahlegno)
Feb 02 2015 at 08:01
31 posts
sanjoykumarrroy posted:
Hello Tech Team,

When I tried to trade, it shows 'Trade is Disabled'. Please look into this.


The contest will only starting tomorrow ..that's why it was disabled.

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