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Ace of trade weekly Forex outlook

Jan 29 2018 at 06:10
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to 'Forex 3' !

I'm 'Ace of Trade' and I will do a weekly update on Forex markets on this channel.

Every week we will analyze 3 Forex pairs, mostly using technical analysis.

Analysis, although up-to-date, will be for educational purposes to provide you with some insight on how a trader can perform technical analysis.

feel free to ask questions.
All the best
Happy Trading :)

Jan 29 2018 at 07:46
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Sunday 28th JAN 2018

Feb 05 2018 at 06:24
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EUR/JPY outlook ! 4 feb 2018

Jan 15 2019 at 07:12
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togr (togr)
Jan 15 2019 at 08:58
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aceoftrade posted:

Growth is nice but your DD is over 60% which is terrible

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