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Any Vouchers?

Jason Wingfield (SavvyFx)
Oct 07 2010 at 17:47
19 posts
Hi all, I'm not quite sure how the vouchers system works but I would really appreciate it if a few of you wouldn't mind vouching for I can in turn begin vouching for others as I follow them.

Thanks & good trading!

Oct 07 2010 at 17:51
941 posts
Got to earn the votes. Say a few clever things.
Oct 07 2010 at 18:55
111 posts
Ridiculing others, others systems or strategies and f***ing around like an ass doesn't qualify as clever things 😄

Too many here that behave this way. Sadly.

Be open, active and courteous and regarding about superb system: 'if you build it, they will come'.
Less effort, better results.
Oct 07 2010 at 19:09
941 posts
Siitari, just for that, you get a vote.
CTSForex (winsor)
Oct 07 2010 at 23:18
303 posts

Elkart posted:
    Siitari, just for that, you get a vote.

You are very generous and just for that i will vouch for you. Its Karma at its best!

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