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Average True Range Dashboard

Feb 24 at 17:44
1 posts
Does anyone know of a display that shows the pip movement (in numbers) and the Average True Range for a forex pair?
I'm trying to get something, preferably an app, that shows the number of pips a pair has moved for the day, and display this as a percentage of its ATR

I think there is something on Tradingview, but it is by invitation only, and I couldn't get hold of the programmer


Mar 11 at 12:02
2 posts
I am not very sure about it. Consider asking someone who already uses it. You will get a better answer.

Mar 17 at 05:25
25 posts
It is better to reach out to someone who understands the basics of programming for this one.

Apr 03 at 04:12
8 posts
It is better that you reach out to people who are experts in this. That will give you a clear idea. Good luck.

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