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Eur/usd Eur/jpy

Arthurtanmoy (Arthurtanmoy)
May 11 2014 at 15:12
9 posts
i will sell eur/usd and eur/jpy this week. what u guys think about i ? Buy or sell?

May 14 2014 at 22:09
372 posts
The Euro is still being affected by the weak European fundamentals be careful

May 15 2014 at 06:46
774 posts
Let us not forget that now that the 140.00 level has been broken to the downside, this level could become a resistance and a pullback to this zone could make it bounce to the downside.

May 15 2014 at 08:34
83 posts
I think eur/usd could hit 1.3640 but probably 1.3660 is more realistic.

What do others think ?

May 15 2014 at 08:51
834 posts
I have both pairs on short too, the EUR/JPY managed to breach the first key support at 139.30 this morning, it will probably continue to the downside and test 138.98.

May 15 2014 at 09:06
83 posts
Hello csc2009,

I put in 2 short trades for EUR/USD yesterday.

EUR/USD seemed too high and I have been following it down since last Friday.

I am fairly new to trading (since December 2013) but have had fairly positive results.

I still need to refine my strategy and let trades run so here goes with my current trades.

I don't trade EUR/JPY ( you seem to have a handle on this pair) but will look at expanding where I will trade as I gain the necessary experience.

Good Luck

May 15 2014 at 12:18
83 posts
EUR/USD - I am looking at 1.3600 as a first TP maybe move to 1.3580 later in the day or tomorrow early.

Arthurtanmoy (Arthurtanmoy)
May 15 2014 at 13:33
9 posts
im waiting for buy on eur/jpy.

May 16 2014 at 14:07
834 posts
I have closed my short on eur/usd last night, It was not bad. I haven't seen any clear opening for this pair since this morning, I think I'm just going to wait.

honeill (honeill)
May 19 2014 at 09:43
1141 posts
Just got whipsaw this morning on EURUSD on a fake break of R1!!!

"I trade to make money not to be right."
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