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How to determine whether the platform is safe and reliable?

Dec 27 2021 at 09:52
567 posts
lorilivingston posted:
You can read online reviews, ask professional traders or try out a platform yourself to find out if it’s good. You can also check if it is regulated.

Yes. i agree with you.

Jan 02 at 02:35
477 posts
Akasuki posted:
You can use this criteria: The legality of the broker, Company address is real, Forex award winner, Customer review about this broker, Bonus and promotion, Easy to WD the profit.No restriction to use EA, scalping, hedging..etc

good information, Need to work with a regulated broker.

Jan 02 at 16:56
801 posts
Alternatively, you can work on a demo account. Many conclusions can already be drawn from working in this mode.

Jan 03 at 17:55
759 posts
When you trade with registered and trusted brokers safety is not a problem.

Jan 04 at 07:00
795 posts
Any trading platform can be abused by untrusted brokers. So in my opinion you need to search for a trusted broker working under strict regulations.

Jan 22 at 13:29
22 posts
There are some tips actually, how to determine the reliability of the particular platform. The main tip is to try it and yes there is no better proof than your personal experience. You have to allocate particular sum of money, even the smallest one and try to trade with the broker or on the platform. In this case you will clarify everything for yourself and you will be able to draw conclusions. To my mind, the safest way is just to try to find the reviews about this platform in the internet. As a rule, people honestly share their experience of trading with certain brokers or on certain platforms. So, here you should decide on your own.

Mar 31 at 04:38
10 posts
Choose a broker, I also test with a demo account first

Apr 28 at 12:26
22 posts
Ida520 posted:
Choose a broker, I also test with a demo account first

That’s right, it’s always better to trade a demo account to find out the authenticity of a broker. I did the same when I started trading with aaafx despite knowing it is a regulated broker. It is okay to be extra cautious at the start.

May 03 at 15:26
15 posts
Agree, though the demo will not tell you how to process the emotions but it gives the gist of the brokers’ trade execution speed and spreads in volatile sessions. I never trade directly in the live market when switching to another broker. Recently I have shifted myself to fxview after testing it on demo for a few weeks.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
May 20 at 16:02
231 posts
I like to read reviews from real people on multiple different sites and on Facebook as well. Seeing what real world traders think about a broker is so much more important to me than reading articles that may lean in one direction or another based on their affiliation with or against said broker. If you notice red flags, like a lot of complaints about withdrawal problems, then it's easy to know that you need to stay far away.

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