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How much do we have to know about EA to play it on real account?

Jul 17 2011 at 19:50
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the question is simple right?
How much do we have to know about EA to play it on real account?

Mr. Rober Miner once said that he did not find ea which works well more than one year.
Now in internet we have so many ea's. Do you think that it can be profitable to play ea's on real account? I belive that there are really good eas, just maybe they cost 10K and not 100$.
I am manual trader, and I do not now anything about programming, how much do I have to know from technical site to run ea on my real account? (I have to admit that I run one on real account, so we will see)
If I want to add safely 5% to 10% monthly to my manual trading, should it be hard for e.g. 3 different ea's playing on low risk on my account?
What do you think?
Are you playing that way?

best regards

(ps. I am looking for teacher at futures trading, spread betting, if you know it, let me know please :-), or books, or dvd's etc, thanks!)

Jul 17 2011 at 22:41
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Hi thomas123,
The first thing you should know about EA is how to make back tests.
If you learn how to make good back tests that will improve even your manual tradings.
To perform backtests on MT5 is way better than MT4.
The quality of data on MT5 is normaly 100% and MT4 is only 90% on most cases.
MT5 comes with some kind of EA wizard that helps you to create your very own EAs even if you are not a programer.
A book that helps a lot on how to make good backtests is 'The way of the turttle'.
If the EA have good results on back tests you can make forwad tests with a broker that let you have MICROLOTS, when you like the results on real accounts with microlots you should invest more time, money and a very good risk management on it.
The EA can always don't perform like in the past, but your risk management shouldn't do that.

Best regards.


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Steve Walker
Jul 25 2011 at 18:27
1341 posts
Hı thomas123

fırst you should at least 2months of demo test wıth the EA and wıth the broker you are goıng to deal ın Lıve account.
second you MUST run EA on a stable VPS wıth max 10ms latency wıth your broker.
thırd the free VPS optıon from broker, you must be carefull ıf the EA coded by yourself. Decompılıng ex4 ıs very easy
fourth after 2 months of demo you should start wıth as low volume as possıble wıth lıve and step up very slowly

hope thıs helps.


Steve Walker
Jul 25 2011 at 18:31
1341 posts
Hı Alanfx1

I would lıke to add some ınfo.
MT4 ıs not backtestıng wıth tıck data. ıt ıs usıng fractal ınterpolatıon. so ıt ıs %90 max.
but ıf you vısıt Bırt page
you can make %99 modellıng qualıty backtest wıth MT4



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