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Is forex gambling?

Apr 30 2013 at 10:21
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nobody force his beliefs... all of us was watching ironman thoughts for so long till now...

just dont be so sensitive when u hear smthing against ur thoughts... actually Seyed said what i was thinking to say but in a better way... so he is expressing some of our opinions here... just dont have excessive allergy when u facing opposite thoughts... accept it as we r accepting ur thoughts...

i suggest if u guys wanna continue ur discussion... open a new thread ;)

Ali Sunarko (DFXAcom)
May 01 2013 at 06:32
3 posts
If you trade without brain that mean gambling , if you trade using ratio and calculation that mean not gambling. In the world live is similar with gambling . just need positive thinking to be not gambling. Even you open business if you can not manage and can not target your sales you will be losses too ? Just do not steal and hurt others quite as the world capital of peace alive.

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Hisam Sabouni (Hisams)
May 01 2013 at 06:33
8 posts
FX is a form of calculated gambling, sort of like poker is the way I see it. For your competing with everyone sitting at your table, which in the case of FX is people from around the world. To get reads upon each other, we all use different forms of 'momentum' indicators too see which way the markets are going!

"The propensity to truck, barter, and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals." -Adam Smith
Medo Joe (Evil)
May 05 2013 at 02:11
2 posts
You decide. You can make it gambling by being random in your decision or by being tied to the maths side of things only when trading, or, you can just utilize time and price action when deciding to trade. Gamblers lose, traders win.

Baihaki Nasution (bA1hAk1)
May 06 2013 at 05:37
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Let's look at gambling on football. Suppose the whole world place bets on A club victory against bookies. But if the football game is complete, and it turns out that B club won the match, then the whole world will be lost.
In that case forex, apply the law of economics (supply and demand). If the demand for currency EUR increases, the price is definitely EUR will rise. However, if the supply of the currency EUR increased, it is definitely the price drops.
There is not the slightest similarity between forex and gambling.

May 08 2013 at 00:37
26 posts
For small accounts its a game.
For bigger accounts its pure mathematics

Wir schlage den ForexMillioaer
May 08 2013 at 07:58
70 posts
JoeDorman posted:
For small accounts its a game.
For bigger accounts its pure mathematics

No, it doesn't matter what size your account has. Adjust size of trades accordingly.

But, as for gambling, the OP asked since he was afraid it might be against his religion to trade Forex. If it was gambling it would be a sin, otherwise it would be alrigt.
And that's a question anyone with a religion should ask themselves. In Islam it is forbidden to make interest from borrowed money. That could become a factor here.

So, don't take any chances with religion. Just do something else. Everything can't be forbidden. :)

Rizki (sniperfx)
May 08 2013 at 11:48
9 posts
Forex is not gambling. There is cycle and pattern which should to be done on every cycle. You can study about forex using trendlines like wd.gann research. here my simple based price action combined with trendline strategies that may you can learn from my performance. There is no secret on forex.

Ali Zainal Abidin Bil Fagih (Cleeon)
May 08 2013 at 15:17
31 posts
maybe I just one of new Member here, but after read page 1 and page 2, I want to post some of what I thinking and what I understand which from GOD have taught Me, sure from inside My brain.

for Starlab, sorry Mr. with username Starlab, for a Person who believe to GOD, I must be honest, You are one of funny People in Your current condition now.

You ask to the forex forum community, is the forex is one kind of gambling or not ???>>>then why ?>>>cause look like You're worry about something called 'sin', then You have give Us argument, if forex is gambling, that the good reason Why GOD don't like it and Why lots of Peoples loss in forex, You are very 'LOL' at the moment Sir :).

even lots of Geenie Who I know and be Friends surely laugh cause You.

Forex is trading, then You buy and sell, fortunately, I make All of here to remember, GOD never love trading, although I am Muslim and Muhammad as prophet is become a Trader when Young, as like as other Prophet, He must said like I say 'GOD never give love for trading'>>>>why ?

there is little explanation >>> I am have lots of little fish from My farm and Mr. Starlab is a gold miner, cause some crisis, and cause GOD make me become smart creature, I know the condition and I can manipulate it, hehehe
Mr. Starlab then just have lots of gold, become starving and just have little water in the mountain of gold, I come to Him and say 'I have lots of little fish and sure I can help and send lots of water from the pool of fish, hehe'>>>>I take lots of Mr. Starlab gold, agree or not, He will agree or just die, cause before that, I keep My habits as good person and I am praying much everytime I remember like this 'GOD, please, You have made Mr. Starlab found lots of gold and I get lots of little fish, when I need money Mr. Starlab always ignore peoples like Me, then now I see the chance, please give Me permission to get as much gold from Mr starlab with littlle fishes YOU have give to Me'>>>>>maybe not as you like, sure GOD can give permission.

and sure lots of Member here must agree that I am is smarter Trader from that case, isn't it ?

sorry My English maybe bad, and why I said Mr. Starlab is funny Person ? >>>answer is Mr. Starlab remember GOD, but He give more support for Casino than forex broker, and then Mr. Tomas as Iron man claimed that He do not know GOD, but He care about hungry children in Africa, that is a clue, that GOD give chance to Mr. Tomas as Iron man to send just little of His fish and money to the starving Peoples, then lots of Peoples will make You happy, Mr. Tomas.

and for Mr. Starlab, We must say that is it the truth, some bad Peoples not just get trading as gambling, but Their marriage with Their couples usually is a gambling too, isn't that a beautiful punishment to Peoples who claim as faithful Person but do not keep Their GOD names to the other ?

I am trading forex, when I loss that cause My mistake, not other, lots time cause My emotion and panic, that normall, other Peoples have company then go to bankruptcy and other get success

I am still trading and I got profits, that cause I am become better for Myself and GOD give more love to Me cause that.

If I have more of lots of money, then I loss again and again, I will accept it as My destiny, then say lots of thanks to GOD, that easy for Us (Me and My bestfriend), that is a sign GOD give clue to Me, I must adapt be smarter Investor and find better Trader, So I can make other happy too and I got the prize, cause have more relax, very beautiful, isn't it ?

Ali Zainal Abidin Bil Fagih (Cleeon)
May 08 2013 at 19:46
31 posts
sorry I make double post, and important addition, to support forex is not gambling, but human can make everything become bad thing just like gambling.

Mr. Starlab said forex is gambling then that is Why GOD don't like it and lots Peoples become loss>>>>that is wrong

how about selling narcotic ?>>>lots of Peoples become richer and some going to jail and other killed cause the business.

the fact is, GOD know every details and do not like We analyze chart price, when GOD have the right to make some Peoples become poor, cause GOD know the best how that Person when going rich become worse, and forex and other business can't help when GOD want it, it will.

the good examples is, Why We trade Eur/Usd, when We know the volatile at Gbp/Jpy and other exotic is better, have more volative, logically make Us richer ???>>>with smooth design GOD make lots Trader more to trade Eur/Usd than exotic currency pair :)

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