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Macroeconomics trading

Nov 19 2014 at 07:34
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Does anyone here trade macroeconomics with holding periods of medium-long term (weeks, months, years) ?

PS: gamblers who target double digits monthly % returns, please stay away from this discussion, thank you.
Nov 21 2014 at 02:10
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Interesting to hear more about this type of trading. I am open to any type of trading.
Dec 05 2014 at 11:45
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I actually do, look for bigger swings, based on macroeconomic analisys and positive SWAPS. Do you guys do? Right now I am holding EURTRY short, EURUSD, USDJPY long and basically doing carry trades funding with EUR and JPY
Dec 07 2014 at 07:36
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I'm not a great short-term trader, although I want to learn and get help to do so, but this is where I excel. I use weekly bars and I look for a break-out long or short. Once the break-out happens (breaks a static pattern) I trade the dips and read the fundamentals. If the dip happens I buy on the dip with a nice close short that has a 3:1 ratio minimum. I close half the position when I'm at 2:1 and wait out the rest of the move and close with a small retrace after a pull-back.

An example would be EUR/JPY on weekly bars. It was an easy trade.

The truth is there is not many trades a year like this.
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