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naked trading

Apr 26 at 11:06
22 posts
how many people started trading with indicators and other stuff now have very simple clean (naked charts) and find it better with less interference

PhorexLimited (PhorexLimited)
May 03 at 23:30
1 posts
Funnily enough no... that’s where I’ve ended up really. Although it’s managed by an MT4 bot, so looking at indicators doesn't really matter to me.

Sooner or later the one who wins, is the one who thinks they can...
Yesterday at 06:12
16 posts
That must be the case for some of them but I don’t think it is with everyone. It really depends on the rader and some of them choose to use indicators in the beginning while others wait before getting started with them. It also depends on the strategy you’re using and if it allows you to stick to those indicators in the long run. Like I have been using moving averages from the beginning and I still go for it whenever I’m trading. So can’t really say if that is how everyone works, right? What made you think that in the first place?

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