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Jan 17 2013 at 16:46
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So here's the story:

I'm a professional trader. I'm also a signal provider.

I trade with amount of money that most of us would probably cringe and go into depression if you lose it. So you're not going to see me trade like a rogue here. Yes, I am on the aggressive side in terms of risk and reward, but the beauty of being a signal provider vs a fund manager is that the CLIENT can dictate their risk. If you think my historical drawdown is too much, then trade half the proportional factor or even less (just know that your gain is effectively reduced as well). But I would never recommend anyone going above my risk profile.

So here's my cheesy sales pitch to you:

1. There is no such thing as guarantees in trading. But I will stand behind this statement: To gain minimum of 50% gain per year.What happens in that time is really up to the market. I'm just a trader that will follow this proven (proprietary) method. Some years are great, some years are volatile. But at minimum I aim for 50% return on investment.

You'll see a lot of traders aiming high in the sky like +1000% return. But look at their balance. They're not trading with a large capital. They trade pennies and their leverage is most likely >1:100. I trade with Oanda with 1:50 max. My effective leverage on trades are 1:10-1:20.

2. I always trade with stop losses and targets. This means all trades are protected. It's a set and forget method. Only rarely do iI need to close out my trades manually due time restriction. And I'm not talking about +100 pips stop either. These stops usually represent 2-5% of account. So rest assured that I am not implementing no stop loss nonsense. You will not see my NAV going well below my balance like you see with some traders.

3. My average good month is 12-15%. My average bad month is 8-10%. Overall you will have good and bad months on the way of achieving my goal of minimum 50% return.

4. My method is proprietary. I will never share or sell it. This is a mark of true trader. My method is based on basic market fundamentals. I don't trade based on some indicator (although I am not dismissing indcators in trading). I trade based on auction theory and orderflow trading; basic fundamentals of trading that will work across many market conditions.

If you have additional questions, shoot me an msg. You can learn more from my website
You'll see historical and forward live performance.

Thanks for reading may now return to your scheduled programming.
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