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Apr 02 2011 at 04:09
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notice how the euraud and the gbpaud shot up.

edit: they shot up yesterday, i wrote this yesterday..

had i just held my little position, all would have been fine.

i have always felt a need to push the envelope with this project.

i did have something like 62k of margin on the table with a 67k balance,lol.

no wonder i blew up.

just got my generator running in my rv just now.

for about the last three months, my generator was not working.

i have been working at the local library during the day and at night when the local supermarket closes at 9pm...

i sit cross legged on the concrete sidewalk out front and use their electrical outlet.

life is good.

my trading system is going to skaaareeeeem.

i have not taken a shower in a little more than a month now.

maybe i will take a shower one day.

for those of you that missed the mark jackson soap opera...

i already built two very nice trading systems that he opted to rob me of.

he straight up jacked me.

big time.

the second system that i turned over to him, after i put it onto hs desk...

i made the mistake of explaining what the throttle variable did..

i told him that it would be best if we would leaave it at 1/4%..

he immediataely suggested/told me that he wanted to run two systems, side by side..

he wanted to run one at one throttle/risk level and the other at another throttle/risk level...

i told him that i just wanted to run one system.

cuz i still had some cleanup coding to do and i didnt want to have to work on two systems...

so why couldnt we just leave it as a single system and leave it at a 1/4% throttle?

he wasnt having anything to do with that.

i came a couple of days later and he had TWO SYSTEMS RUNNING!!!


on the surface, 2% is eight times as much risk as is 1/4% and 5% is twenty times as much risk as is 1/4%!!

but, as you raise the throttle/risk variable, it is sortof an exponential kinda thing...

kinda like i wasas listening on the radio t he othere daya and they were explaining that when you have an earathquake that is an 8.0 and then you have one that is a 9.0, a nine is not 1/8th stronger than an eight...

i dont really know about earthquakes, so i am taking their word for it all, they said that a nine is a hundred times stronger than an eight.

my throttle variable wass sortof like that.

to raise it up from my suggested 1/4% throttle to even 3/8ths would have been quite an increase in risk.

i insisted that he not run the system at those high risk levels.

but he insisted that it would be okay.

anyways, about a week later he was calling me on the phone telling me how he wass margin calling anad how he even had a pistol in his mouth, no kidding, that is what he said.

about a year later, he and i finally spoke and he told me t hat he lowered the risk/throttle back down to 1/4% and he stuck a single trading system in a clothes closet and it RAN FOR A YEAR WITHOUT PHKNG UP AND IT TURN A 1,000% PROFIT.

but did he ever think to even tell me thank you?

he did not so much as say phk you to me.

before i handed him that second system, i found myself homeless in san francisco, but i kept working on it for two years.

i lugged around with me a computer bag that contained two ibm thinkpads and cables and god knows whata else and when i finished and i found myself with four people in the oanda forum proposing to give me 1k each....

do you know what i did?

i called him up and i toldd him that we did not need to give up...

i asked d him if he would still like to run this trading company.

as soon asa he had my trading system in his hands, he pretty much ran me off.

what a piece of sht.

and to top it all off, after i handed him the system that i so loved, the system that i worked on for five years and spent two very long years sleeping on the mf'ing sidewalk, he told me that i wass too hard to work with and he suggested that i might consiider starting my own trading company...

i thought that was what i had jusst done.

what wasa i thinking?

anyways, i decided that i was gonna do just what he suggested.

and as tired as i was, i picked my chin up and kept going and goddang it i am almost there.

that mark jackson is one cold blooded piece of sht.

and when i come up, may i suggest that he find another planet to be on.

thats all i am saying..


mr jackson, you are one stoned cold btch.

this project will be making completion shortly.

Apr 02 2011 at 04:16
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alright now, the generator is fired up and i have some coding work to do.

i assure you that this is going to be simply awesome.


Apr 02 2011 at 20:06
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just a quick update...

i have not bathed yet.

there is some funny looking black stuff accumulating on my toes.

if any person might have a link to any site that could advise me as to how i should treat this condition, please post said links.

my coding work is almost ironed out.

but i am having some difficulty creating an array of struct type that is fairly large.

please forward any helpful tips to:

p.o. box br549
little rock, arakansaws 99999

Apr 03 2011 at 02:47
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Apr 03 2011 at 03:45
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i am not exactly sure, but i may have accidentally stumbled onto the golden ratio of currency.

i have three entirely different triangles setup now.

my calculations are giving me three numbers, one for each triangle..


the golden ratio numbere is 1.6180339 or the (1+sqrt(5))/2
it may be just a coinkydink, but isnt it odd that those three numbers are right in the ballpark of 1.618...

i will now proceed to try this out on more triaangles.


Apr 03 2011 at 04:01
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oh my.

another different triangle is at 1.72

and another at 1.61


and yet another one is ata 1.84


this cant be right.

there is no possible way that i found the golden triangle.

i better go and beat my head against a tree for a spell.

that always makes me feel more relaxed.

Apr 03 2011 at 04:10
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hey, why doesnt somebody stop in here and at least say something so that i dont start looking all crazy and stuff , you know, talking to myself and all..

Apr 03 2011 at 05:07
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xauchf+xaugbp:gbpchf =1.472590







i do not quite understand why i have to switch the gbpnzd to make it work, but it needs to for some reason.


again, the eurgbp needed to be inverted.

i do not exactly know why.

there is a comparison calculation that only works when certain pairs get inverted and once they are inverted the numbers that i get also come into range of the golden ratio.

too weird.

the comparison calculation is private, but it goes sortof like this:


good. now that we cleared all of that up annd all..

and this next one is way off..


i just tried something really weird:


could this possibly be giving me a spread value for either the xaueur or possibly for the euro by itself?

i do not know for sure.

ignore that last one, it is nonsense.

and here is another one:


notice that i needed to invert the eurgbp again.

ok, lets try a weird one with the jpy now..



i just noticed that i had to invert the nzdcad. strange.

what if i have found that golden ratio thingy?

that would be some major digital coolness.


Apr 03 2011 at 07:35
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Dear Edward,

regarding your personal hygiene, may I suggest using a public bath or one of those motels where you pay per hour. Don't expect anybody to take you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously and appearances do count. I personally like people who smell good and tend to avoid those who stink.

Regarding the Mark Jackson story, I wouldn't call it a soap opera but a sad experience which you told us a couple of times probably because you find it difficult to get over it. You said second place is for bitches. I think second place ain't that bad but complaining and excuses are for bitches.

Regarding your computing problem, please be so kind and explain in more detail, I will confer an expert later today. If you don't have enough memory, you might consider using a disk-backed database, even if it's as simple as a text file.

Regarding the calculations, there is something similar called 'spread charts'. It's not the bid-ask spread, but the ratio of prices. I don't remember the name but there was a website where you could specify the currencies and it plotted the spread chart (as candlestick chart).

Umm, don't expect that the ratio will remain the same or it will return to anywhere near its previous value after a big move 'black swan' event. It won't. I know someone whom it cost a lot of money to find that out.
Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.
Apr 03 2011 at 18:09
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good morning mr speki,

just fyi, i could shower any time that i want to.

it is just that i am so focused on this project that no thing else matters to me.

as i was going to sleep last night, i was going over this ratio thing in my head, and the more that i thought about it the more that i think that i just might have it.

this would be such an absolutely awesome thing to find.

this is the kind of thing that the world's most briliant math wizards hunt for and cant find it.

this is the kind of thing that i came to do.

regarding the situation with mark... i most definitely have the ability to get over it all.

the thing that i am doing is analyzing that situation and all and more than anything else it is my hope to hear your take on the situation.

i am a software engineer and it is my job to push buttons.


Apr 03 2011 at 18:45
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i do realize that my writing skills are right up there at about maybe a third grade level and all, but i am gonna tell another story anyways..

one time when i working as a programmer for a computer dealer company down in texas, the man that ran the company was a very devoted muslim, what i mean to say is that he was a strong believer in god.

one time he took me out to his beach house over in galveston and at night i sat downstairs and listened to him sing to god.

it was most probably the most beautiful music that i had ever heard.

but one time i was telling him about some of the mistakes that i had made and i told him about some of the credit card crimes that i used to pull off and whatnot...

it was quite common for me to sit down with sometimes 50k of plastic and spend it all and i walked right thru all of that so called security stuff that those banks had set up.

one time when i was phishing on the telephone, an actual detective with a police department opened up his wallet and he gave to me his name and date of birth and social security number and his mother's maiden name and his credit card numbers and his checking account numbers.

what i am saying is that i was very calm and cool about it all and i was thorough.

i am not proud today about what i did, i am just telling it like it was.

anyways, i was telling my friend about my past and when we were finished talking he looked at me and whispered to me that i could do whatever i wanted to with the credit card numbers in his ecommerce server.

you see, i was his ecommerce developer.

he was a very strong believer in god, but he was a very criminally minded man.

one time, one of his people came upstairs in the company to pick my brain about computer related issues.

the man looked at me and told me that he was going to describe to me a software problem and that he wanted to see how i would go about solving it.

he proceeded to describe the problem to me and i proceeded to turn to my keyboard and with a few clicks i had solved the problem quite nicely in about two minutes.

he shook his head and informed me that that is not how we do things.

he told me that first we will all get together and have a meeting and discuss the problem.

then we will draw up some powerpoint presentations and maybe an excel chart or two which we will present to the client along with our bid for the job and we will tell the client that the job is going to require six weeks of time to complete.

he also told me that we will include some planned failure of some type into the job in order that we will have some kind of future revenue from this client also.

needless to say, i have no interest in working for such a shallow minded bobblehead.

i enjoy solving problems.

my biggest problem is management and their short sightedness.


hey, another quick story...

one time back when i was doing all of those crimes and stuff... i got an voicemail message from the actual head of security of a very well know international shipping company...

so i called him back to see what was going on..

he informed me that my shipment had been held up because it had all of the earmarks of a fraudulent shipment.

does it, i asked.

so how long might this hold up my shipment, i asked.

oh, it shouldnt take much time, he said.

anyways, to make a long story short, i got the president of the company that was shipping that stuff to me on three way with that security guy and before it was all said and done i had the president faxing to the security guy a document that instructed him to simply bypass all of his security procedures and just go ahead and release the shipment to me.

and just for safety's sake, i had a third party delivery company go in and make the pickup while i sat across the street in my car and observed the whole thing.

just for safety, you know.

i think there was probably about 8k of stuff in that package.

i intercepted the package, took it to one of my buyers, and i went off to the colorado club titty bar and had myself a steak.

end of story.

anyways, i am entirely reformed nowadays.

the worst thing that i do is jaywalk and smoke an occasional joint.

i do not lie to any person, i dont have time for all of that nonsense.

and i do not take a penny from another person unless it is given to me freely.


Apr 03 2011 at 18:56
735 posts
All right then. It's probably that I'm the prisoner of my habits. Shower, shave all that. Hard to get rid of those habits, really.
Hmm, I used to smoke them Luckies - but I quit with a little help from those patches.

Mark is not a nice person from what you said. He will probably go to hell because he broke a couple of commandments.

<i>You shall not steal.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or trading system, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.</i>

Regarding those buttons ... 😁

Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.
Apr 04 2011 at 00:44
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Ancient Mongols did not take bath for fear of washing away good luck along with dirt.
Apr 04 2011 at 01:56
94 posts

Chikot posted:
    Ancient Mongols did not take bath for fear of washing away good luck along with dirt.

you meant zzzero is descendant ancient mongols ? 😀
Try not to be greedy trading with no emotion
Apr 04 2011 at 02:37
1367 posts
i like the sugababies.

fyi, the current trades are most likely not being played properly.

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Apr 04 2011 at 05:34
1367 posts

Chikot posted:
    Ancient Mongols did not take bath for fear of washing away good luck along with dirt.


do me a favor and take your self back to oanda where you belong.

good day sir,

Apr 04 2011 at 06:42
2299 posts
No, I guess he might be doing it for same reason :)

Touareg posted:
Chikot posted:
    Ancient Mongols did not take bath for fear of washing away good luck along with dirt.

you meant zzzero is descendant ancient mongols ? 😀
Apr 04 2011 at 06:44
2299 posts
Zero, buddy, why so much hostility?
I belong many places. But you do belong only here, but obviously not voluntary.

zzzero posted:
Chikot posted:
    Ancient Mongols did not take bath for fear of washing away good luck along with dirt.


do me a favor and take your self back to oanda where you belong.

good day sir,


Apr 04 2011 at 08:30
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guys, guys, it's spring, supposed to be season of love, not hatred...

Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.
Apr 04 2011 at 17:05
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notice that i talk about three things in this thread.

1) being robbed of my work that turned a 1,000% profit.
2) i may have locked onto the golden ratio.
3) i need to take a bath.

now, which issue of the above three are others commenting about?

the only one that they are qualified to talk about.


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