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Searching for good Managers

Pipsology (Pipsology)
Aug 19 2010 at 19:14
11 posts
tha amount is quit small, i dont think u will see who will agree to manage that

Patience Is The Best Stractegy In Forex
Aug 28 2010 at 03:43
34 posts
You can join PAMM system from good trader as investor, 200$ is enough to be the investor on PAMM account.
Just search trader with good rating on the broker that provide PAMM system.
However, if you still a student who need money, then please think twice before you invest more

Soeren (GridsForPips)
Aug 28 2010 at 10:32
205 posts
Join Instaforex's PAMM-system, scout the trader's accounts for profit% and drawdown, lowest investment is down to 1$



Always get cashback -
Dec 17 2010 at 15:14
6 posts
Hello Alex1407,
Have you found a good trader to handle your tradings?
If not, please contact me.

Dec 23 2010 at 18:59
104 posts
Hi Alex1407,

In the early begining of the 2011 I can offer what you want and maybe your friends.
Take a look.

I am waiting for your visit.


I Trade You Profit. Forex is suitable for smart and patient people...
Fxpublisher Management Group (fxpublisher)
Dec 24 2010 at 09:37
187 posts
we are a group that managing account with very low risk method,here is our statement:

we can give you live account with readonly passsword for more confirmation too.

If interested can contact us with email or Skype

Skype ID :fxpublisher

-Safety of your fund is the most important thing in our trading
CTSForex (winsor)
Dec 24 2010 at 18:37
303 posts
Is it martingale as the total pips is -13,391 pips ? It is a bit too scary for me.

Fxpublisher Management Group (fxpublisher)
Dec 24 2010 at 19:00
187 posts
all martiangel method are scarry BUT it is not 100% martingale method ,and it is so risk limitted,we never had any problem with this method,10 years backtest+live forward test with live money will confirm that,

-Safety of your fund is the most important thing in our trading
Wayne (SunnyDays)
Dec 25 2010 at 09:16
152 posts
Good luck on finding the best Manager. I think i can produce profits for my investors, but no outrageous claims. Just base your decision on following a select number of traders who are using real money and who are organized in their trading approach. That would be my advice.

I invite you to track my progress and consider my trading strategy.


A strategy must significantly profit in a 10 year backtest to have a chance in Live trading - Mine Does!
Fxpublisher Management Group (fxpublisher)
Dec 25 2010 at 10:32
187 posts
Hi Wayne
I didn't undrestand what do you mean?

-Safety of your fund is the most important thing in our trading
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