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Sole Trader Or Not

serk1 (serk1)
May 08 2015 at 16:43
18 posts
When applying for a broker in some cases the applicant is asked: Quote 'Will you be trading your account?'. In this case what are people supposed to enter if they are using a software, robot, EA etc.? Should the answer be 'Yes'. If so, will it get bad fills?

Investors always comes first.
May 12 2015 at 04:16
774 posts
There are some brokers that allow you to use an EA and to scalp. But when they ask you if you are trading your own account, you should say yes, unless you are using an account manager with power of attorney to trade in your account. Other than that, you are trading your own account, even if you are using a robot or EA, because you are the one making the decisions on the functionality of the EA.

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